My totally epic fall trip summary

This trip was actually quite good. During the trip we were given a task to build a civilization from scratch (We did have some materials). How the materials system worked was each of the 5 teams choose a leader (I was the leader of my group) and we would play rock paper scissors and the winner would pick first. The materials that existed were: Tinder rope (For starting fires) Fire starter, hammocks, tarps, knives, shovels, saws, and ropes. My group got all the ropes and fire starters. With all the rope in our possession we abused our power because rope is one of the most important resources. Hammocks, tarps and bamboo sticks all require rope to tie together and we would make other groups offer us ridiculous amounts of stuff for 1 or two ropes. Fire starters were also very important but we needed tinder rope to actually make it to work. Without fire starters then you cant make dinner and everyone wanted to eat dinner because nobody wanted to starve. My shelter was a tarp and under the tarp there are 3 benches and they were in a C shape and in the center there was the campfire. We made dinner together which was fun (The girls in our group basically made dinner while all the boys fooled around with sticks and stuff) There were also two hammocks we made by tying them on trees in a V shape next to the C shaped benches. We also made a T shaped thing made by two bamboo sticks. The T represented our god. Oh yes thats right we have a religion and a god and all that. Our religion is called the T Pose community, our god would be a huge T and every time we lit the fire we would stand in a circle to start T posing. That was actually really fun and it was way more interesting then it sounded. ok thanks for coming to my ted talk bye bye

Am I a Humanist?

This is my poster for answering the question: Am I a humanist? I believe that I am not a Humanist and my score for being a humanist between 1-10 is 3. Humanism is a system that was first discovered/used during the renaissance that some people still use it now.

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The Radium Girls

The setting for the book The Radium Girls by Kate Moore is about young women working at a Radium factory. This is where most of the story takes place and where all the major events happen.


The protagonists work in a Radium dial factory where they spend all day painting little watch dials with radium to make them glow in the dark. The story takes place during a war which was near its end, so the protagonists also paint gun scope dials. The way they paint dials with radium has a peculiar name, it’s called Lip, Dip, Paint. Some point during the “Lip, dip paint” process the girls/protagonists are required to put radium on their lips. “Do not do that,” he said to her again. “You will get sick.” -Von Sochocky pg 25. Von Sochocky knew about the radiation of the radium and warned Grace (A worker from radium dials). I think that is a very important part of the first few parts of the story because in the Radium Dials factory everyone worked with the material known as radium. Von Sochocky warning them could have saved a lot of lives. In my opinion, that was the key moment to the story. It was the start of everything, you see, if they did accept Von Sochocky’s advice then the story wouldn’t have happened. Shortly after the warning of Von Sochocky, Grace recalled a message from Miss Rooney: “She told me it was not harmful” -Grace pg25. That may perhaps be that Miss Rooney (The radium girls’ leader (Not the boss of the company)) did not know of the radiation which would make sense because no one seemed to be affected in any way by the radium.


All the radium girls have no clue what dangers radium might possess which is basically making them take a risk that they do not know that exists. Isn’t there already enough deaths during a war? This is very similar to the plague; Europe never saw it coming and the Radium girls are also about to encounter a deadly disease kind of thing. The unknown dangers of Radium will surely cause more and more deaths to pile on to each other.

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My found poem for “The Monkey’s Paw” by William W Jacobs

This is a poem made by the words of William W Jacobs in “The Monkey’s Paw.”

My poem represents the element conflict. “An old fakir put a spell on it. He was a very holy man and he wanted to show that fate ruled people’s lives and that to interfere with fate only caused deep sadness”. That was where Mr White messed up the most, that was a very important part of the story because if he said that and Mr White actually thought about what he said he would have threw the paw away and none of the sadness would have happened but he didn’t, he is a little bit greedy and stopped it from burning and wanted it for himself. “If you must wish, wish for something reasonable.” This was also very important because his second two wishes were extremely unreasonable. A person’s revival was a near impossible task which apparently was Mr White’s second wish. For the entire story Mr White seemed to be dueling with fate and fate is uncontrollable and if you mess with fate you will have to face its terrible consequences. In my poem I included all 3 wishes and some of the consequences of the wishes which represented conflict.

My background was a chessboard with the black king standing above the white king. I chose that as my background because it was like the the monkey’s paw was playing chess with the Whites. In the end the monkey’s paw defeated the Whites in chess. The Whites were the white king and the monkey’s paw was the black king. Every wish was like a turn in chess. The first wish was a huge mistake making the monkey’s paw able to take one of the chess piece’s in the White’s arsenal which happened to be Herbert, the son of the Whites. The second turn was also a mistake because “the thing outside” might have hurt Mrs White or Mr White if it actually got in but Mr White made his 3rd wish which was for the son to die again. I also chose the chessboard because Mr White and Herbert were playing chess at the beginning of the story. The word “Checkmate” was from the beginning of the story however it would fit better in the end because when Mr White used his last and final wish it was when the monkey’s paw defeated him in chess. When you defeat someone in chess you say checkmate which seemed to fit there because it was the monkey’s paw saying “Checkmate”.