Do the Boxers deserve a bad reputation

I feel like the Boxers were very barbaric and didn’t really have a reason for all their killing. I believe that the Boxers do deserve a bad reputation.

A cause of the Boxer rebellion was the drought. In shandong there was a flood and then directly after the flood was a drought. Droughts often make people very desperate to survive because it does many things to a normal village: It ruins their livestock, It kills all their crops, and it’s very hot and dry. The Chinese villagers in shandong came up with many theories of how the drought started and one of them was the Christians. The Christians had churches that had rooftops that were shaped like the blade of a knife. The villagers thought that the roof of the churches was stabbing into the sky (The belly of the gods) and was angering the gods which made them put the drought on shandong. Some of the Chinese villagers decided to do something about that and later became the boxers. You see, having a drought can literally turn a place into a barren wasteland.

The Christians had nothing to do with the drought (Obviously) and were suddenly attacked by the boxers. The innocent Christians had literally no idea what was going on because the boxers came to the city/province they were living in and suddenly became hostile. At Yokohama bank the boxers killed their first victim: A Japanese man. After that the boxers slaughtered a lot of people however they did not have the firepower of the western people and the imperial force. There was this greedy leader/governor that saw the boxer’s rage upon the Christians and decided to send out the imperial army not to help the Christians but the support the Boxers because he saw the boxers as a potential threat for himself and wanted to be safe from them. With the help of the imperial army the Boxers slaughtered more people. When all this chaos was slowly unfolding, everyone in the outside world didn’t know what was going on in the city. The post office controlled all communication system from the outside world and from the inside of the city. I believe that the needless slaughter of many people has earned the Boxers their well deserved bad reputation.

MSND A magazine cover for Hermia

This is my magazine cover if Hermia had a magazine for herself. In my opinion she is very arrogant and she is kind of intelligent.

Hermia is arrogant because don’t you think that she just thinks for herself throughout the entire story? She could have made her family very successful. Marrying Lysander would only benefit herself but if she married Demetrius she might benefit her entire family.

She is intelligent because she has extremely wise-sounding speeches. “If then true lovers have been ever crossed it stands an edict in destiny then let us teach our trial patience because it is a customary cross, as due to love as thoughts and dreams and sighs, Wishes and tears, poor fancy’s followers”.

When I chose my magazine cover I wanted someone that seemed rebellious and intelligent which just happened to be Wanda. Hermia is a pretty positive character (Kind of positive) so I chose this photo of Wanda in Wakanda where she is smirking/smiling and it has a pretty bright background. My title was chosen because the entire story of MSND is just Hermia’s love for Lysander. She basically puts love in front of family, and basically everything in her past/normal life.

Rising Action and Climax Task B13: Conflict in Gone

This is my book trailer for the book Gone by Michael Grant. The book takes place in a dystopian world where adults suddenly popped out of existence and everything is mutating.

The main character Sam tries to take control of the situation thats going on in his town and tries to help the kids stay calm. A really cranky dude that is overpowering everyone else was also at the beach. Sam and a group of friends decided to investigate the situation and try to find Astrid’s little sister. Moments later they found a barrier, a big white barrier that was in the shape of a sphere and it was surrounding a huge amount of space.

My book trailer should include some of the things above. I added some creepy music because everyone loves creepy music and it would make the book seem kind of like a horror genre book.

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