Resolution blog task B6: Design a book cover

“I know that the future is scary at times. But there’s just no escaping it.”

What you saw up there was my book cover for design for “Armada” by “Ernest Cline”. The picture of the book cover is put together by me. The little boy sitting down looking at the spaceship is Zackary Lightman, the protagonist, who grew up playing the world’s most addicting games Terra Firma and Armada which were about spaceships. The spaceship is him learning that his “fantasy” is actually the reality.

I believe that the theme in Armada is that fantasy is like a dream, it may become a good dream or a nightmare. Zackary Lightman wished for his fantasy to become reality however when it became reality, he wasn’t ready and he had to pay the price. At first, he seemed like a regular child constantly falling asleep in class however as the story slowly progresses he becomes more and more serious and he turns from a regular child to one of the world’s savior. On page 297, it states that “If we don’t end war, war will end us”. The EDA (Earth defence alliance) wanted to win the war however Zack wanted to end it which turned out to be very successful.

In the end Zack found that he has ended the war successfully and that his plan has succeeded, he destroyed the mass murder weapon designed by the EDA to destroy the planet Europa (The enemies’ home planet) and made peace with the enemy. However he lost a whole lot during the war and his losses made him the way he is now. He discovered that the Alien fleet was all controlled by a machine that was from a council formed by many other planets.

My book cover is a bit random because Armada is extremely random. Random things happen every second, first you start off at a normal school then you realize video-games are simulations designed by the government to train the citizens for the upcoming war and you realize everything was just a test generated by some highly intelligent artificial being made to test other planets to see if they are worthy to join the council made by other planets.

“If there were other civilizations out there, why would they ever want to make contact with humanity? If this was how we treated each other, how much kindness could we possibly show to some race of bug-eyed beings from beyond?”


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Magic enrichment reflection

My challenger deck that i have chosen at the start of the enrichment is called Arcane Tempo and it is a Blue/Red deck. This deck is quite good because it has tons of sorceries and instants that deal damage and other kind of special effects. Sorceries and instants go in my graveyard after being used but i have a card that takes advantage of that. My */4 creature crackling drake has the damage equal to the amount of sorceries and instant spells inside my graveyard.

My draft is pretty good because i have this legendary creature called Sephara Sky’s Blade and has a lot of health and damage. It has an ability to make all flying creatures i control gain indestructible. It also has flying and lifelink (whenever this creature deals an amount of damage i heal that amount of damage). I also have this artifact that adds +10/+10 to a creature which could make my sephara sky’s blade become a 17/17 creature which could basically defeat the opponent in 2 turns and could give me 17 extra life. during the tournament i won the first 2 rounds, nearly won against charles and lost again david. I got 3rd place which is kind of not swell.

I like magic because it has lots of creatures that are unique and lots of spells and lots of mechanics that you wont see in other card games. It is fun because you get to slowly build up and army or quickly destroy the opponent which is really fun. What is hard is to try to counter certain spells that the opponent tries to use because some of them can counter my Sky’s Blade which is kind of annoying (Luckily i have 4 cards that can revive things from my graveyard (only creatures tho)).  My goal for my next draft is to try to keep my colors down to 2. Using 3 colors is sometimes hard (I had 3 colors in my 1st draft but only used black and white) I also want to try to be more smart and get the cards that could help me get easy victories