Napoleon, Hero or villain?

This is my infographic deciding whether Napoleon is a hero or a villain to his country. I believe he is a hero of France because of the reasons i stated above. What is the definition of a Hero or a villain? A hero is a person who thinks and acts for the benefit of the world and is very selfless and brave enough to face the problems the world was facing. A villain is the complete opposite of that. A villain is scared of death, scared of pain, a villain is a weak pathetic waste of air and space because the second he is faced with danger he would abandon the country causing it to collapse. The reasons i have chose the reasons that Napoleon is a hero is pretty much self-explanatory. For reason 1, he helped France basically conquer all of Europe! Thats a pretty big accomplishment! He was defeated by the British however but that was one loss from all the victories he won. He was a great strategist so he could potentially beat a larger army with a smaller one. Reason 2 was because he was kind to his soldiers. Some generals see their subordinates as tools or even obstacles sometimes but not Napoleon, he wanted to have a good impression on his soldiers so he treated them with extreme patience and the effort he put in to caring for his troops is pretty insane! (There is one time where he abandoned his troops because he thought there was a pretty good chance of him being the next leader of France if he went back to France but that may be to benefit France even more so we dont really talk about that) Reason 3 is because Napoleon helped reform or enhance many aspects of France that was not previously good for example the school systems, he added 4 grades of schools. Primary, Secondary, military and technical. Napoleon is a great leader, he is a great assist to his country and his troops therefore i think he deserves to have the “Hero of the country” title.

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