The french revolution in plain english

This is my video about the french revolution. In this video i talk about 4 key events during the french revolution with my partner, Benjamin. The 4 key events that we have chosen are: Storming of Bastille, Escape and execution of the King, French revolutionary wars, and the Reign of terror. The making of this video was quite difficult, we had to draw each character. Some of the characters are based off a very interesting artist that we have discovered in the process. We have learned about all the key events of the french revolution, not just these 4 and we strengthened our understanding and knowledge about these 4 specific events by making this video. In my video, we show the summary of each of the 4 events: Revolutionaries storming Bastille and suffering from an overwhelming defeat, Louis’ escape and death during war against Austria, Frances’ victory against European monarchies and Robespierre’s arrest of “revolutionary suspects”.

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