French revolution Journal July 14th, 1789 – August 28th 1794

The french revolution was a horrible bloody time to be alive, many huge game changing events happened like the execution and fleeing of King Louis and the reign of terror, in the end the french revolution settled France with a somewhat decent leader and allowed France to have a better brighter future. The revolution has taught us many things, a good man cannot be a good king. This revolution was the game changer for the estates, before the revolution the first and second estates or the clergy and the nobles took control of France, they didn’t have to pay taxes and lived the life of a king. The 3rd estate or everyone else had to pay taxes, they spent most of their days working only to receive very small amounts of payment. The 3rd estate could also be arrested or captured for no legitimate reason. After the revolution, the 3rd estate was changed forever, the revolution gave the 3rd estate many rights that made the lives of the people of the 3rd estate very similar to the lives of the people of the 1st or 2nd estate.