8 day reading reflection #1 “We are okay” by Nina LaCour

I am reading “We are okay” by Nina LaCour. There currently aren’t any questions or anything I wish to ask the text, I think everything is pretty well explained, no easily visible plotholes. The text relates to my life because it is just so similar to my life, there are around 4 years until I head off to college and in the story, the protagonist, Marin, is currently dealing with college issues as well as coping with the loss of her grandparents and parents. This also slightly helps me get an insight of what college dorm life may be like. Where I currently am, the protagonist gets an offer from her best friend to go live at her parents’ place during holidays, Marin doesn’t have any known relatives that are currently alive so that may be somewhat beneficial otherwise she will have to stay at the student dorms during holidays. I think the protagonist will accept the offer eventually and the story will explore her interactions at school and during the holidays. I have realized that death is a difficult thing to cope with and its easy to lose motivation in living.