8 Day Reading Reflection #3 “Lair of Dreams” By Libba Bray

I have recently completed the book “Lair of Dreams” By Libba Bray. It has been a wonderful adventure reading through this book as it shows many characters indirectly connected with a special ability to see into other people’s lives and deeper. This development was not to be expected as it is implemented in the start of the novel and the characters were already established but how the characters develop and connect to each other was not established therefore it was fascinating to see them as such distant figures eventually become acquaintances. I would definitely recommend this novel but it may have some confusing aspects in it. Overall it is a very entertaining novel and hard to understand. This one is not my favorite amongst the novels I have read as it is way too long and sometimes hard to retain my focus. My favorite novel I have read would be “We Are Okay” by Nina LaCour which is the first book I have read because of how relatable it is.