8 Day Reading Reflection #5 “Independent Study” by Joelle Charbonneau

As I am nearing the ending of the book: “Independent Study” by Joelle Charbonneau, I have learned many things. For starters, this is another generic dystopia story, similar to titles such as “The Hunger Games”. It includes much imagery and details making it easy to visualize when reading. It takes the perspective of a survivor of “The Testing” (prequel) without any memories of the events of the previous novel. I believe this novel to be very pointless as you see little to no character development, most of the novel is just the protagonist, Cia, trying to regain her memories of the previous novel. In the end when she finally remembers, the audience is faced with a massive cliffhanger, she does not take any action towards those suppressing her and the other students. The main character in the prequel was fairly believable yet in my opinion, this version of the protagonist is quite unbelievable, like i said before there is no character development at all meaning the readers do not feel any emotional connection towards the protagonist. I would not recommend this novel to other readers because it is very unappealing. If you do not like using your brain when you are reading, this is clearly meant for you. It may seem really descriptive and engaging but once you look at it in depth, it starts to show its major plot flaws and issues.