8 Day Reading Reflection #5 “Independent Study” by Joelle Charbonneau

As I am nearing the ending of the book: “Independent Study” by Joelle Charbonneau, I have learned many things. For starters, this is another generic dystopia story, similar to titles such as “The Hunger Games”. It includes much imagery and details making it easy to visualize when reading. It takes the perspective of a survivor of “The Testing” (prequel) without any memories of the events of the previous novel. I believe this novel to be very pointless as you see little to no character development, most of the novel is just the protagonist, Cia, trying to regain her memories of the previous novel. In the end when she finally remembers, the audience is faced with a massive cliffhanger, she does not take any action towards those suppressing her and the other students. The main character in the prequel was fairly believable yet in my opinion, this version of the protagonist is quite unbelievable, like i said before there is no character development at all meaning the readers do not feel any emotional connection towards the protagonist. I would not recommend this novel to other readers because it is very unappealing. If you do not like using your brain when you are reading, this is clearly meant for you. It may seem really descriptive and engaging but once you look at it in depth, it starts to show its major plot flaws and issues.

8 Day Reading Reflection #4 “To Kill a Mockingbird” by Harper Lee

During my holiday, I’ve spent a lot of time reading “To Kill a Mockingbird” by Harper Lee. The story shows the aftermath of the Great Depression from the perspective of a 6-year-old named Jean Louise Finch. This novel continues to bring light to justice and punishment during the time and similar aspects. I have found the concept very interesting as the author is very skilled at including small, effective details to help the reader visualize the situation very clearly. I have completed 3 works of fiction so far “To Kill a Mockingbird” being the fourth installment. I still believe that the first book I have completed, “We Are Okay” is most impactful. I had the excruciatingly painful experience of reading through the mess of a book known as “Ready Player Two” by Ernest Cline and evidentially that book did not come close to being as impactful as the others. I think that the current novel I am reading would prove very useful for writing a literary essay as it consists of many literary techniques and a very important historical aspect.

8 Day Reading Reflection #3 “Lair of Dreams” By Libba Bray

I have recently completed the book “Lair of Dreams” By Libba Bray. It has been a wonderful adventure reading through this book as it shows many characters indirectly connected with a special ability to see into other people’s lives and deeper. This development was not to be expected as it is implemented in the start of the novel and the characters were already established but how the characters develop and connect to each other was not established therefore it was fascinating to see them as such distant figures eventually become acquaintances. I would definitely recommend this novel but it may have some confusing aspects in it. Overall it is a very entertaining novel and hard to understand. This one is not my favorite amongst the novels I have read as it is way too long and sometimes hard to retain my focus. My favorite novel I have read would be “We Are Okay” by Nina LaCour which is the first book I have read because of how relatable it is.

8 day reading reflection #2 “We are Okay” by Nina LaCour and “Lair of Dreams” by Libba Bray

I have finished “We are Okay” by Nina LaCour and have started on “Lair of Dreams” by Libba Bray, I have not gotten very far in “Lair of Dreams” (PG. 20) this is going to be mostly about “We are Okay”. After finishing “We are Okay” I have come to the conclusion that there is much character development and the plot changes a lot with unexpected plot twists. It is rather dark as it basically revolves around death and a child on her own trying to survive in school. I would definitely recommend this novel to others of my age as I have found it rather intriguing and quite entertaining to read and gives the reader just an overall good time. The author of this book, Nina LaCour, uses a lot of dialogue, as a matter of fact the story has an unusually high amount of dialogue which is not very common in these types of dark novels. The main theme I was able to take away from this is to never dwell on one’s death too long. In this story it is clearly shown in the many flashbacks the book has that the protagonist: Marin’s grandfather has been sulking about the deaths of her wife and daughter for many years, even going so far to hide evidence of their existence from Marin because it reminds him of them. Marin was about to repeat history for the death of his grandfather but her friend Mabel was able to draw her away from the history already set for her and present to her a new life different from the one in her childhood.

8 day reading reflection #1 “We are okay” by Nina LaCour

I am reading “We are okay” by Nina LaCour. There currently aren’t any questions or anything I wish to ask the text, I think everything is pretty well explained, no easily visible plotholes. The text relates to my life because it is just so similar to my life, there are around 4 years until I head off to college and in the story, the protagonist, Marin, is currently dealing with college issues as well as coping with the loss of her grandparents and parents. This also slightly helps me get an insight of what college dorm life may be like. Where I currently am, the protagonist gets an offer from her best friend to go live at her parents’ place during holidays, Marin doesn’t have any known relatives that are currently alive so that may be somewhat beneficial otherwise she will have to stay at the student dorms during holidays. I think the protagonist will accept the offer eventually and the story will explore her interactions at school and during the holidays. I have realized that death is a difficult thing to cope with and its easy to lose motivation in living.