My totally epic fall trip summary

This trip was actually quite good. During the trip we were given a task to build a civilization from scratch (We did have some materials). How the materials system worked was each of the 5 teams choose a leader (I was the leader of my group) and we would play rock paper scissors and the winner would pick first. The materials that existed were: Tinder rope (For starting fires) Fire starter, hammocks, tarps, knives, shovels, saws, and ropes. My group got all the ropes and fire starters. With all the rope in our possession we abused our power because rope is one of the most important resources. Hammocks, tarps and bamboo sticks all require rope to tie together and we would make other groups offer us ridiculous amounts of stuff for 1 or two ropes. Fire starters were also very important but we needed tinder rope to actually make it to work. Without fire starters then you cant make dinner and everyone wanted to eat dinner because nobody wanted to starve. My shelter was a tarp and under the tarp there are 3 benches and they were in a C shape and in the center there was the campfire. We made dinner together which was fun (The girls in our group basically made dinner while all the boys fooled around with sticks and stuff) There were also two hammocks we made by tying them on trees in a V shape next to the C shaped benches. We also made a T shaped thing made by two bamboo sticks. The T represented our god. Oh yes thats right we have a religion and a god and all that. Our religion is called the T Pose community, our god would be a huge T and every time we lit the fire we would stand in a circle to start T posing. That was actually really fun and it was way more interesting then it sounded. ok thanks for coming to my ted talk bye bye