8 Day Reading Reflection #3 “Lair of Dreams” By Libba Bray

I have recently completed the book “Lair of Dreams” By Libba Bray. It has been a wonderful adventure reading through this book as it shows many characters indirectly connected with a special ability to see into other people’s lives and deeper. This development was not to be expected as it is implemented in the start of the novel and the characters were already established but how the characters develop and connect to each other was not established therefore it was fascinating to see them as such distant figures eventually become acquaintances. I would definitely recommend this novel but it may have some confusing aspects in it. Overall it is a very entertaining novel and hard to understand. This one is not my favorite amongst the novels I have read as it is way too long and sometimes hard to retain my focus. My favorite novel I have read would be “We Are Okay” by Nina LaCour which is the first book I have read because of how relatable it is.

Russian Revolution Task #3 Video Journal

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My character has 2 names but the one that appears most is Aleksei. He is a former farmer and currently a factory worker in the lower class of the Russian economy. He kind of was in the middle when the October revolution happened, he liked the idea with a promising man leading Russia however he doubted if he could keep his promises. The Civil war didn’t really affect him much, since he is a lower class, he despised the upper class, this made him admire the Bolsheviks more than ever. He felt ver unusual when Lenin died, he didn’t know how to feel. A man finally living up to his promises but at what cost?

I think the Russian Revolution was worth it, the Tsar system didn’t work out very well so then the revolution solved that. However it was replaced with another provisional government which was not very effective in leading Russia so another revolution came and solved the problem replacing the provisional government with Lenin. Lenin did many great things for Russia far better than what the Tsar and the Duma’s Provisional government could have done so i think the Russian Revolution was worth it.

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MSND A magazine cover for Hermia

This is my magazine cover if Hermia had a magazine for herself. In my opinion she is very arrogant and she is kind of intelligent.

Hermia is arrogant because don’t you think that she just thinks for herself throughout the entire story? She could have made her family very successful. Marrying Lysander would only benefit herself but if she married Demetrius she might benefit her entire family.

She is intelligent because she has extremely wise-sounding speeches. “If then true lovers have been ever crossed it stands an edict in destiny then let us teach our trial patience because it is a customary cross, as due to love as thoughts and dreams and sighs, Wishes and tears, poor fancy’s followers”.

When I chose my magazine cover I wanted someone that seemed rebellious and intelligent which just happened to be Wanda. Hermia is a pretty positive character (Kind of positive) so I chose this photo of Wanda in Wakanda where she is smirking/smiling and it has a pretty bright background. My title was chosen because the entire story of MSND is just Hermia’s love for Lysander. She basically puts love in front of family, and basically everything in her past/normal life.


This is my Hydraulic press i made in hydraulics class, one obstacle i faced while making this was to get something strong to hold the syringes so when you pull the syringes you wouldn’t break the press, One mistake i made while making this was to not stabilise the inside of the hydraulic press because after a few attempts i tried at home a few of the syringes fell over on the inside making it break completely, I am pleased to say that I have fixed the press and it is now fully functional. If i took this class again i would choose something that is not as time consuming as this because i spent around 5 classes perfecting this and trying to make this work.

Design Technology Catchall Project

My biggest success was the fact that it can be used 2 ways, the armrest and the storage. My biggest obstacle was for the hot glue to not ruin the entire thing. Skills that I learned or developed were using various sorts of different tools to create a product that can be used for a reason. Right now if I could change it I would change the drawings on it because they dont look so good. One concern that was shared with me was that i should add more storage space because not a lot of things fit in it. My product addresses the needs of my client because he always brings around his phone and some other stuff so i thought this would work well.

One day results

Hello, I have successfully completed the starry night by Vincent Van Gogh with oil pastels, however when I came upon the mosaic I thought HMMMMMM Why make this pattern when I can make whatever I want. So I decided to make a M Symbol and a cube, it looks really cool. Some problems I encountered were for the oil pastels they smudge a lot so that kind of ruined parts of my painting and for the mosaic I sometimes burn myself with the glue gun but otherwise its not that bad and it was a good experience after all. Yay super artist tactics.

Be a famous artist one day

In this one day thing we had to choose 2 pieces of art and make them. The first one has to be a painting so I chose the starry night by Vincent van Gogh using oil pastels, I chose that one because i always thought that it was cool how van Gogh made the painting it looked very swirly and all that. the second one has to be a mosaic so I chose this pattern that an artist called Gaudi made on park Guell, this specific pattern looks very cool and yeah. I expect this to take around the entire day or similar. I think some problems I might encounter is the time, it might be too much and the shape of each square or shape for the mosaic thing because it needs to be really perfect and all that.