Ship Breaker So Far

What strikes me most about this story is how the author Paolo Bacigalupi explained every singe character in such intricate detail that I could clearly envision how the character would sound, look like, and act like. The author uses language to convey his message by leaving little details and clues throughout the story. As one … [Read more…]

One of Us Is Lying Reflection

I finished this book pretty fast because it was really interesting and made me want to keep reading it. every chapter ends on a cliffhanger. I like how the author shows all 4 of the main characters perspectives because it helped me understand them better. I like how the book reveled who killed Simon. But … [Read more…]

Artist Statement

    Tree By: Kat Carter ┬áMy artwork is called tree. I didn’t want an elaborate title because I don’t believe a title is important to a piece of artwork. My artwork is a painting on a canvas. I used acrylic paint. The background is a gradient from dark blue to white. In the middle … [Read more…]