Hunger games book 2 catching fire

First few chapters:

Book 2 of hunger games continues to talk about what happened after the hunger games from book one. After both Peta and Katherine survived in the last hunger games, the went back to normal lives and continued living. But because of they are now the champion of the hungers game, their lives are very different than before. They don’t have to worry about getting enough food or supplies to survive, because they are pretty rich now. But because they are now the champion of the hungers game, so their relationship with normal people completely changed, which means they can’t really go back to normal.

Eyeglasses design

Define and inquire:

Made with Padlet

At first, I was looking up to create glasses that makes people looks smart, for example: Myopia glasses or learning glasses that smart people often wear. So, I searched up these kind of glasses and this images inspired me to have a basic idea of what my design will look like. My target audience for this glasses is either the smart scholars that over used its eyes on studying and needed a myopia glasses to read or the old man that can really see anything clearly and also needs the glasses to read.

But during my research, I unexpectedly saw the glasses that super hero in X-Man–Cyclops wear. This design fascinated me, I just realised that my previous design that I was thinking of might be a little bit boring and not stunning enough. The design that I wanted to do changed in to a glasses that is similar to what cyclops is wearing, because it looks cool and fascinating to me. There is also an image full of different types of glasses that made me more clear about what kind of glasses I will create, and my audience changed from the scholars and old man to teenagers that wanted the glasses to be cool and fascinating for them in order to make them look good and fashionable, teenagers often want themselves to look good, and that will be why these kind of glasses will hook their interest.

Later on, I found out that glasses cannot just look good. They must be used for something. So after some more research, I found some images of safety goggles, sunglasses, and ski goggles. I found out that most of them have a whole piece of the lens on the glasses instead of having two lenses. Multiple glasses with two separate lenses and have a thin connection between them make them easy to break. Being inspired by these eyeglasses, I decided instead of making two lenses. I will make a whole lens for the glasses to make them harder to break. This made it better for my target audience because teenagers often like to run around and break accidentally damage their lenses, which made the glasses hard to break, so it is much better for the teenagers.

Develop and plan:

When I first started sketching the first couple of sketches for the glasses, I want them to be suited for presbyopia and myopic population. I made a mind map for my glasses for what I want them to be like, and I drew the different sketches following my mind map. These glasses have the old fashion type of design, and their primary and only role is to protect the user’s eyes and make them see things more clearly if they have presbyopia or myopia. I drew multiple sketches for these glasses: perspective, isometric, 2d, 3d, and other different illustration types. These different types of illustrations make me more clear about what I am trying to make. The more sketches I drew, the more familiar I became with my design. The perspective and isometric drawing keep on adding details to my plan, and this also makes me more clear of what I am designing.

But later on, I realised that a the old fashion type of glasses is too boring to make. So, after getting some inspirations from the images on the internet, I made another mind map for my glasses and I drew a couple more sketches including 2D, 3D, isometric, and perspective to get more detailed informations. I tried to add different kind of things on my glasses: elastic bands and different lenses. After combining the images on the internet and the sketches that I drew, I have a completely new idea for my design. I decided to make a cool glasses that can have multiple usages. Having that thought in my head, I still tried to be more creative for my design, after trying a few more things on the sketches, I kind of know what will my final design be like.

Create and improve:

When I finished my planning and finally started to make the glasses based on my final plan. At first, I did not just begin to create my glasses. I did some practice on the laser cutting tool illustrator. The most important skill I learned on illustrator is using a different kind of pen tool. We did a learning exercise during class, where we have to outline the logo mainly using the pen tool, which made me more familiar with the illustrator.


First prototype:

After I got more familiar with illustrator, I started to design my first prototype of the glasses. But because I am not experienced with laser cutting, this made my first prototype not very successful. The arms of the glasses are too thin and too fragile for the glasses, and the glasses itself is also thin and not big enough for wearing. I got some experience from this prototype, I learned to check the size of the prototype before cutting it, and I got even more familiar with illustrator.

Second prototype:

After getting feed back from the teachers, I tried to make my second prototype bigger and stronger than my first prototype. I tried to pull my prototype bigger on illustrator, but it didn’t really work out, because pulling the prototype in illustrator has led to a problem of proportions of the prototype. So I have to changed the width and length in a different way that won’t cause problems for the proportions. After I finally found a way to do that, a different problem occurred. From my pervious prototype, there is a problem that I did not realise. The arm of the glasses cannot attach with the glasses itself. So after a some feedbacks from teachers and other students, I made a little hole on both left and right side of the glasses, and I made added a protruding part to insert into the hole for attaching the arms and glasses.

Final product:

The two prototypes have made my idea of design more clear, so after some adjustments, I decided to start laser cutting my final project. The adjustments I made is 1. Because the holes on the glasses and the protruding part of the arms don’t fit together, so I got some feedbacks from different teachers and then I adjust the hole on the glasses and the protruding part on the arms to make them fit more perfectly and had a few more tests to see how these well two parts fits  . together 2. Because my second prototype is still a little bit thin for wearing, I made it slightly more thick and stronger then it used to be. The adjustments I made according to my observation and feedbacks from other seems to make my final product more finalised and better.


Share and reflect:

The final glasses that I create have an effective response to your user because the glasses I made have mostly covered all the aspects in my mind map. The arms of the glasses have a special hook to hold the ears of the wearer so that it won’t fall off easily. There are only on lens and a thick layer on top of my glasses which makes it more strong and last longer due to its hardness. Most importantly, because of the shape and arms of the glasses, it is pretty eye-catching, and if I have more time, I will add lens in to make look even better.

I think for this project I did well on trying out and learning through out the create and improve part. Even though my prototypes are not as good as I thought they will be, but I learned from the mistakes and I fixed them quickly. I learned and develop a lot of different skills and I have gain a lot more experience through out this process and I think that is what I did well for this project.

What I will do if I have more time is to add a colourful lens made out of acrylic in my final product. That will make my final glasses look much better and make them be more useful on sun protection and other things. I might also make the a flexible arms for my glasses if I have more time, because I can’t fold my arms, and that makes the glasses takes up a lot of spaces, if I make arms that are able to fold, it will be much better for the wearer. What I will do next time is making more prototypes for me to discover what will work the best for glasses. After this project, I realised the importance of testing and making more prototypes, this help me eliminate all the things that don’t fit with glasses and it will make me find out what perfectly fits the glasses


Final post for Hunger games

I finished the book hunger games over the break and this is the final post for the book. The book hunger games is a series of books that talks mainly about the gap between the riches and the poor. The back ground of this book goes like this: there are a capital city where all the rich people lives, and there is 12 different districts where the poor people lives. Each few years, there will be a game called the hunger games hold by the capital, this game is about randomly selecting 2 people from each district and putting them on the battle field. Their only goal will be survive, the last person standing gets to win the game, and their whole family gets rewarded by the capital, they won’t be poor ever again. The reason that the capital host this game is because they want to “remind the whole world about the pain of war”. But the real meaning of this game is to entertain the rich people and suppress the poor with fear. This book is a book that has a very deep meaning on the society today, and problems of this society, I will highly recommend a friend to read this book.

Recycle wallet design

(Prototype 1)                                      (Prototype 2)              (Prototype 3/Final project)

For prototype 1, I mainly used foam and soft plastic to create my wallet. I also put   some images on top of my design. This wallet is pretty stable, but the disadvantages of this prototype is that because the materials I used to create this design is too hard, so the top part of this design can’t be easily fold down, and because the first prototype is just for experiment, so I forgot to calculate the size of the wallet, the bottom part of wallet is not big enough to put in anything.

The second prototype is made out of paper, this one is better than the last one, the size of it is pretty good, but because I used paper as the main material for this prototype, this caused the wallet to be too soft, and cannot hold anything. Because it is paper, so most of the materials cannot fit on this paper easily, so this wallet is also not good enough.

The third prototype have four main materials, paper, plastic Insulation foil, and polystyrene. I used Insulation foil to cover up the whole design to make it look shiny and beautiful. The use of polystyrene is to stable insulation foil, and to make the inside of the wallet soft. Plastic is used to protect the polystrene from melting. The paper is just an outline for the wallet, to make sure the wallet looks just right. This wallet improved most of the above shortcomings and it also improved by being more useful. But there are still some shortages that haven’t been solved, or can be improved.

One thing I will do better next time is spend more time on experimenting different materials, because I did not spend enough time on experimenting, it caused me more time afterwards to find out which kinds of materials matches better. Because I am unfamiliar with different materials, so when I am making my product, matching with different materials really took me a long time, and I also made a few mistakes with matching materials.

One thing I did well this time is that I spent time on getting inspiration of design idea.This is important because a good design idea can save you a lot of time to on making this product, and it will make your making process easier. I also learned from pervious mistakes I made, for example my first prototype was too hard, so I made my second prototype with paper trying to make it softer. But it turns out to be a bit too soft, so in my third prototype, I used different materials to make the softness just right. This shows that I am learning from pervious mistakes.

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The journal of French Revolution

This French Revolution was very worth. I say this because even though this French Revolution caused millions of death and pain. It destroyed millions of buildings and made the economic loosed heavily, but this revolution also changed the point of view and perspective of the people seeing this society. Before this revolution, a king can almost do whatever he wants, and the rich and powerful people can also use their money to do everything. The can just ignore the laws. Looking back now, every one need to follow the laws no matter who you are. Before this revolution, the social structure were very unbalanced, 80 percent of the citizens were very poor people. But now, the social structure is pretty balanced. There are still rich and poor people, but this kind of thing are getting less. The French Revolution didn’t just the society at the time, it is also changed the way that we think, this means the French Revolution is still affecting in a good way today. This is why I think the French Revolution is worthy.

The one and only French Revolution


During the French Revolution, everything was pretty messy, all these turning point comes one after another. The revolution changed this country thoroughly to remoulds oneself. At the beginning, France wasn’t a very good place for people to live in, 80% of it’s population was poor peasants that don’t have any rights. But after this revolution ended, France was a complete different place. The poverty gaps wasn’t as big as before, and most importantly everyone was equal, the social structures were very balanced. Although this revolution was cruel and hard, although all these revolutionaries fought there way from zero, but in my opinion, this revolution was very successful. My title was named the one and only revolution was because there was a great relationship between the successful revolution and the France today.

Is Napoleon a hero or villain

In my opinion, a hero is a person that often tries their best to save their country. In my terms of a hero, Napoleon is absolutely a great hero. The three example that I chose proofed that Napoleon is a hero. He was courages and defeated multiply enemies for France. He protected his and brought peace to his homeland. In his protection, France was very safe. His achievements and his abilities made him a true hero to his nation and to all of his citizens.