Book update #3

Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children

By: Ransom Riggs

Page 0 out of 246

Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children is the new book am starting on, I heard that this book was really fun and contains many interesting stories about each child, am looking forward to reading this book and seeing this as a fun experiment.

Book Update #2

Book Name: Ready Player One

By: Ernest Cline

Page: 382 out of 382

Ready Player One really amazed me, the book was fascinating and full of adventure to explore. The book constantly attracts the reader’s attention, with many funny and interesting questions to think about what is going to happen next.


Ready Player One #1

Ready Player One

By: Ernest Cline

Page 72 out of 382

Ready Player One is a book that contains many old games, books, and movies and creates a virtual reality with many adventures. When I first started reading this I thought this was another type of future reality type of story, but it turns out to be a story that is engaging and always has new ways to give interest to the reader.

Driving Question

Some interesting things I learned about are command economy, mixed economy and market economy, which help me to understand the types of economy’s today. For example, I learned that the command and market economy is the opposite of market economy and mixed economy is the combine of market and command economy.

Completing this project, I learned how do civilization survive and choosing a place to settle down. For example, civilizations need stable food sources, water sources and many other industries to survive and grow. Before this project I used to think that civilizations is really easy to survive and communication and trading is a big part of grow your civilization.

Ignite week blog 1

1th: Define and Inquire

Visuals:My inspiration is from one of my favorite book called The trail of Apollo he use a bow as a weapon so I decided to make a crossbow because it’s a little cooler.

Words:The book inspired me because last time when I was in fandom I made a sword, so this time I wanted to make a range weapon. Am hoping that by the end of ignite week I have a model or a real crossbow made out.

However, I think it might be difficult to make it out in time, because we only have two days left and I still no done with my cardboard prototype, and in the real final product i still need to make the trigger system.

2nd: Develop and Plan



While making my sketches, prototypes I realized that this could be really hard and time lasting product.

I got my ideas by doing a Brainstorm of different weapon and my favorite book in search of something I like.

Below is a sketch/model of my design

Possible Template:

Here’s my plan for this week :2019 Kenneth Ignite Individual Time Planner

Through out this unit I want to make a model of med crossbow, while making a prototype, I realized that I miss a lot of place that is needed for the crossbow to work, and the crossbow is much harder than I think it will be.


Strength:I work will as a teammate is keeping up with the tasks and doing my own work not causing money to lower.

Growth:I could help out will the design and keep track on the budget.

Writing: One thing I improve is keeping up with the tasks and finishing it on time, as evidences I finish 1,2,3,4,5 and 6 which am working on now and I also finish our poster, mission , name and slogan. I did will on these  work and turning it in to the teacher helping out with the group when I have time, and my group didn’t lose any money because of me.

Prototype 2.0


1.I learned how to make a product that people need

2. I learned how to make a lot of thing that i don’t know befor

3. I learned how to make logo and a lot of new technique


  1. I wonder would people like wood or plastic more
  2. How would we improve our price over time


  1. One thing i would change is maybe I would make a new logo because the logo we have now is kind of funny


Company :LockOrg

Feed back from investor:

    1. Good plan for our profit and how are we helping the environment
    2. Its good to have a meaning behind our mission
    3. multi-purpose Design
    4. Find a organization that is helping the ocean


  1. One thing we could keep doing is helping environment
  2.  Another thing we could do is to is having to help other people not just student


1.New ideas we could decide is to make other supplies for student
2. Improve the the design by bigger


1.New ideas we could decide is to make other supplies for student, because student could be needing  other supplies for work.


Mission and Team

Team name: LockOrg

Team Mission: our mission is to help the lives of students while reducing the amount of plastic in the oceans.

My Mission: my mission is Marketing and what am responsible is to create team mission and slogan with working with group to help out and advertising. Also I would my team member Fung when Eric is on vacation.

Market Research

Our survey:

The final answer for the survey


  1. I learned that if you want to run a company you have to be able to organize your business.
  2.  I learned that you need a sustainable product.
  3. I learned that you need team to work together you can run a business, if you don’t have a team it will be impossible to run a business.


1. I wonder if people will accept the new product our team provide.

2.I wonder if our market research is correct, because its our first time starting a business.


1. One thing we will like change or improve is we will like to change our product materials from plastic to wood, because plastic cost too much.

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