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Book reflection(The absolutely true diary of a part-time Indian)

“The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian”
Kevin Kang

“The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian” is a masterpiece.It might not be a masterpiece for everyone but this book has plenty of reasons to make it fun to read.To summarize, it’s a diary of an Indian teenager who had bigger dreams than anyone in the rez(reservation). The best part about the story was how relatable it was. I was able to understand Arnold even though I wasn’t Indian nor did I have any brain problems. The emotions he showed felt real thanks to the well written story. The story itself felt real as well. It didn’t feel like a fake book that was trying to spread a good moral or was trying to make the readers laugh the whole time. It showed the darkest days of Arnold but also his brightest days as well. Its emotions changed from being sad and depressing to charming and hopeful. It felt like a roller coaster and I was just riding through Arnold’s life. Another good thing I want to point out is the Author’s usage of language. The author was ruthless. In order to bring the life of Arnold into the book, he wasn’t afraid to include topics that might have caused a controversy or be regarded as inappropriate. He showed the typical racism that an Indian would face as well as showing the horny side of a teenage boy.He didn’t try to write it vaguely. Instead, he wrote little details which made the scene feel more realistic. These factors are what made the book possible for teenagers to relate to. The usage of bold letters were also helpful for the reader to get into the story. It felt like Arnold was loudly screaming at me to catch my attention that was slowly drifting away from the book.

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