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Robin hood-off balance

Some noticeable things:
1. The noise being produced by mouth
2. Bare foot
3. the lighting
4. Plain clothing
5. Using people instead of stage props

Why it stood out:
1. It gave me an authentic feel. It felt real.
2. The barefoot made their roles stand out a bit more and made them look more poor and helpless. Having shoes would have probably ruined the show.
3. the lighting only shining the middle part allowed me to focus better.
4. Plain clothing, again, gave me an authentic feel since they didn’t have any flashy or brandy clothes back then. It also made them look organized.
5. I think they did a good job by using humans as stage props. They were able to save space and still looked amazing. When she opened the “window”, it looked so real.

As mentioned above, for limited space, I think they used humans as stage props in order to save more space since humans can change their shape to fit in with the surroundings. For limited resources, they did a good job by not using a lot of light but still being able to attract attention and focus. For the limited time they had, the show did not feel like they were rushing nor did some parts feel missing. It felt smooth and complete.

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