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PJ physical theatre painting

As soon as I saw this picture, the whole vibe of this artwork caught my attention. It was very noticeable because compared to other art works, it had a dark and gloomy vibe. I thoroughly inspected the painting and found some points that made me feel attracted to it. The first thing was the facial expression of the boy. How tired and lifeless he looked. The thing is, I am also going through a hardship. Going to a new school itself is already hard but going to a new country is harder. With covid and all the other stuff, it has tired me out and I would really really die for a break. I was able to relate to his face because I am also very tired and just want to give everything up for awhile. His little light also was very notable. It felt like it was the only thing that was shining him through all the darkness. For me, that little light was video games. Video games bring me joy and help me regain my compassion for anything. They are still helping me get through the darkest times. After inspecting only the picture, I read the story. It was basically about a boy who burned down his village because he wasn’t accepted by his people. Now, although I don’t want to harm or endanger anyone, I kind of understand and empathize to him. When I get stressed, I sometimes want to destroy the source of stress and be peaceful. His tragic story and his expressions are just so well drawn that it made me think about my hardships and how I deal with them

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