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Book Reflection: “The Martian” by Andy Weir

After finishing my last book, I’ve decided to look for something that might intrigue me more because my last book was not the best in my opinion. So it was definitely eye-catching when I saw a book that was bright orange and titled “The Martian” which was a movie I saw in the past. I picked it up and started reading. From my perspective, I would say it was a good choice.

One thing I loved was the comparison with the movie. As mentioned before, I have watched the movie before. By comparing both, I was able to see which part the movie did well and which part the book did well. For example, in the beginning, Mark Watney(Main character) is abandoned by his crew mates on Mars. In the movie, it shows us a good visual on what kind of situation Mark is in and how alone and fragile his life is. However, I feel like the book failed to do that. Sure, the book did start with “I’m fucked” to emphasize Mark Watney’s situation. But after that, the book only talked about how he got abandoned. One thing I loved about the book was more detail. In the movie, the runtime is limited. Therefore, the book was able to explain some parts better than the movie such as the bacterias in the soil and his thinking process. The book also gave us more background on Mark Watney.

Although this book’s plot and character development was decent, there were some parts that bothered me. One of them was too much scientific detail. It might sound odd or hypocritical because I mentioned that detail was one of the pros. But this book has too much complicated scientific detail. I love the author’s effort to make this book realistic and detailed, but some of the concepts are too hard for some readers to understand. Another thing I disliked was the cliche ending. Mark is sad and alone and in the end, he is happy and now reunited with his crew mates. The build-up and the plot was good but the ending was just too obvious. I did enjoy seeing Mark happy and finally heading back home after all the hardships he experienced. But I feel like the book would have been more interesting if it had a shocking and tragic ending. Because it would have shown that life isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. It would show that sometimes in life no matter how hard you try, things won’t always work out. Another bad thing about happy endings are that it gives no tension to the dangers Mark is facing. No matter how devastating or risky those dangers are, we all know that Mark is gonna still going to live.

In conclusion, this book is very fun to read and is very fascinating to see how Mark will develop from having nothing on Mars to going back home. This book has some explicit words and scientific concept that might be unsuitable to younger readers. I recommend this book to teenagers and young adult readers.

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