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The Dark Tower: The Gunslinger by Stephen King Book Reflection

Personally, I am a big fan of scary novels. I usually get too scared by scary films because of the sound effects and the visuals. So it surely intrigued me when I saw the name “Stephen King”. Stephen King is one of best author of scary fiction books. I loved The Shining, IT, and Misery so automatically, I picked up the book. I was hoping that the book was going to be scary but it did not meet the scare expectations of mine. Although Stephen King is one of my favorite authors, this book was not for me. It could be the fact that this book is the first book of the whole series and that’s why some parts felt disconnected.However, this reflection will be based on only this book. This article will cover what the book could have done better, and some final words from me.

First of all, this book was way too slow for me. Of course, the book gets much better towards the middle and the end but the beginning is very important for readers.Yet this book was very slow in the beginning. It was just not my type. Another thing I hated was how confusing some of the parts were. There were parts in the beginning that annoyed me to the point where I wanted to throw the book out of my hands. My thoughts were like, ‘Huh? What does this even mean?.’ ‘Wait what are they talking about? Mountains? Why?’ Don’t get me wrong. I think a good book doesn’t always tell everything in the beginning. Many good books would later explain and defuse the confusion. But this book’s beginning was overloaded with confusion for me. I had trouble keeping up with the story. Last thing that I hated about this book was the main character. I feel like the main character, “Roland Deschain” is a douchebag machine that is motivated only by the quest to catch the man in black. I just couldn’t relate to him because he was not the nicest character and he rarely showed emotion. My life is also not motivated by the quest to hunt someone. It sometimes can be hard to relate to a fictional character but I just couldn’t understand Roland’s behavior and motives.

I would just like to say this book is definitely not for kids. This book contains topics of violence, inappropriate language, substances, and sex. Although these topics were used to add realism and make the story more interesting, this book should be avoided by those that are still young and innocent. I would recommend this book to anyone above 15 as it is an interesting book and might be more enjoyable to those that enjoy slow-paced books.

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