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Kevin Kang Design Persona Post


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My inspiration:

What is Graphic design? I believe graphic design is using different forms of art digitally to convey a message.
What inspires me about design? There are so many possible interpretations based on who views the design.
What are my favorite design examples? I love brand logos with hidden meanings such as Baskin Robbins or Amazon.
Who are my favorite designers? I

Me as a designer:

What’s my most memorable experience designing (or creating) something? Why? The most memorable experience was when I designed clothes for young kids that were suffering from hunger and other issues. It made me feel good that I was doing something to help strangers for once.
What would I like to get better at doing as a designer? (Eg drawing, presenting, digital design, fabrication, photo-editing, sharing, collaborating, etc) I would want to get better at digital design, and photo editing since these skills will be very important in the future where technology becomes advanced.
What do you already do pretty well? (Eg drawing, presenting, digital design, fabrication, photo-editing, sharing, collaborating, etc) Collaborating and creative thinking are my abilities.


My design process:

  1. I was originally going to do an animated/cartoony style portrait since I expected them to be easier. Usually, cartoony/animated portraits have less detail and therefore, I thought they would be easier to do. However, as I did more research and tried some drawing, I realized that cartoon styles were much harder because you needed to emphasize and highlight details that made it possible for the audience to notice that it was you while not looking too realistic.
  2. So I tried  to switch to a  really realistic portrait that included stuff like wrinkles, shadows, etc. However, I also realized that realistic drawing took the same amount of drawing talent as the cartoon style one. I knew I didn’t have enough drawing talent to draw both styles so I tried to find a style where I could squeeze my full potential.
  3. I decided to go in the middle by doing a mix of cartoon and realistic portrait.

Feedback from my classmates:

  1. I was originally going to use the color picker feature to completely copy every single color and shape of my eye. However, the picture I took had very weird lighting that made my eye look weird and purple. My classmate suggested that I only trace the outline of the eye and use white and black. While white and black appeared bland, it still looked much better than before.
  2. I had trouble for my teeth. I couldn’t decide between outlining the teeth with black or having no outline at all. However, my classmate suggested that I outline it with white but make it a bit darker so it doesn’t blend in with the teeth. Overall, it looked much better.

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