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Process of my Graphic Design pattern

Graphic Design Principle: Pattern

What is the role of elements & principles in graphic design?:

a. The elements and principles to graphic design are like atoms to matter. They are the most fundamental tools that become the building blocks of any graphic design. They are the basic elements and principles designers need to start their work.

What is this design task all about?

a. This design task wants the students to reflect and think creatively on the elements and principles they learned in class. Students need to develop their own thoughts and think more abstract. This task also helps students review what they learned and show to the teacher that the student fully understood the concept and will be able to apply the concepts in his or her’s future work.


My thought process:

Star pattern design: My first idea for my pattern was a pattern with stars. In our last project with was a graphic poster design, I used a photo of me wearing a t-shirt that had the American flag.


After seeing the flag and finding out that my principle was pattern, I wanted to do a pattern that represented America. First, I chose a blue background. Then, I put the white stars.

I felt that the dark blue the American flag was using didn’t look visually appealing to me. As a result, I decided to change the dark blue to a much lighter blue. However, I thought about the pattern more and realized that the pattern was too simple to understand. I wanted to create a pattern that challenged the audience to think more. That’s why I changed it again. This time, I took inspiration from a purple Louis Vuitton bag.

The shapes were very pretty yet simple so I tried my best to replicate them in procreate:

This design for me, looked the prettiest. And my peer also said that this design looked pretty and would look much more prettier and organized if the shapes were all the same. So I went to affinity to try it. I couldn’t find the “bling” shape that I used in procreate and tried to replace it with star.


However, the same star shaped pattern ruined it as it looked too plain and boring.  Therefore, I decided to leave this pattern.


Chess board pattern: This was also one of my first patterns I created to experiment.  This picture was my initial sketch:

Because my initial sketch was done in procreate, the squares were very uneven.  My partner also added that I should improve on this piece and try to make the square sizes the same. I still loved this concept of the simple black and white square pattern. It was clean, and visually pleasing. So when I took it to affinity, I first tried to use the pen tool to draw. However, I am a bad artist and by the end of my drawing session, no squares were visible but only weird shapes. So I researched a way to create straight lines. Then I used the straight line technique to make the chess board patterns. I finished the piece which ended up looking like this.:

By the time I was done with this, I already lost interest in this pattern. I liked how it was clean, but again, too simple. I also felt like this work relied more on negative space and contrast. So I left this one too.


Water pattern: I was always fascinated with water, especially deep waters like the Mariana Trench. I loved the fear of the unknown and how we have only explored 5% of the ocean. That’s why my first idea was related to the ocean.

The green/blue water represented the water color you see at the bottom. The white circles represented a vague creature that is unknown to mankind.

Then I took this idea to affinity where I tried to recreate the water pattern using a realistic picture:

I tried my best yet I noticed that it was going to take a long time and it still looked awful:

Therefore, I gave up and went for another design.


Tiger pattern design:

For this pattern design, I always loved tiger pattern design because generally, those with power and authority usually wore this pattern. I also liked this design more than any other because this pattern did not have a same shape repeat.  Therefore, I designed something that I believed was a tiger pattern:

My partner also said this design was very pretty and said that I should work on it to cmake it more visually pleasing and also include more various types of shapes. After the feedback, I took it to affinity, changed the shapes and also added different shapes. It turned out really good and soon became my favorite. When most people think of pattern, they think of the same shape repeat, but this pattern is also a pattern.  It’s just without the same shape part and I think that’s what made it special:



graphic design pattern poster

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