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Client Name: Visionary Security

Background: Visionary security is a security company that mainly sells their home security products such as door cams, door locks, cameras, and sensors. They are a brand new company and their headquarters are located in Silicon valley, California. They are most famous for their innovative cameras that can record videos in high quality and frames and has the ability to even record in the dark. Their cameras also adjust to its surrounding so when the environment is a bit darker, their camera lenses will expand and when the environment gets brighter, their camera lenses will shrink. Their cameras work like our eyes and is why the company is called visionary security. The company believes their security camera provides clear footage like our vision but also consider themselves visionaries since they always look to advance in the future.

Audience: Their audience is mainly focused on the people that live in California. California has the third highest robbery rate out of all the U.S states which means living in California without proper security could result in robberies. And since California is home to a lot of big companies like Wells Fargo and celebrities who need good security. a security company will easily thrive in a place where the market for security is booming. Visionary security intends to replace famous security companies like ADT or RING and to do that, they have brought down the prices so even the poor people could afford their services.

Keyword: The three keywords that represent this company are eyes, vision, and security.




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