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Picture Me Gone Reflection

Picture me gone is a book by Meg Rosoff. It’s a story about Mila who has incredible smelling abilities and utilizes it to discover shocking truths that I will not be revealing to prevent spoilers. I’m going to break it down into some Pros and cons about this book and give you a final review.

Let’s talk about the areas the book shined in. First of all, the story itself is generally fun. Fun is very subjective for many people because everyone have different interests and humor. But for general readers, I think this book will be fun and interesting to read. The story is somewhat intriguing and will keep you hooked for awhile. Another thing I liked about this book were the details. Books usually display images by using their reader’s imagination. I think Picture Me Gone did a very good job displaying those images to me. They laid out a lot of details about the environment and what was going on at that time. It felt like I was there and moving along with them. The details also gave me more depth to the story. In addition, I loved how unpredictable the book is. A lot of award winning books have similar cliches and it becomes dull over time. However, picture me gone will have a pleasant surprise that is surely unexpected.

Now I want to talk about some cons that this book had. First of them was how the book made me read parts again. It might have been my understanding that was limited, but it was surely not enjoyable to go back and read it again to understand. It’s not because the information distributed by the author is hard to understand but because it’s not phrased or explained well by the author and can bring confusion to readers. Another con was the character. This character called Mila is supposed to be a 12 year old yet she displays an intelligence and maturity of an adult. Her super power also doesn’t seem to fit in with the realistic story. Another big thing I hated was that although the story was not cliche, the book itself was cliche. This might sound confusing. What I’m trying to say is that this book’s story is fun and unexpected. However, the book feels like it’s made to win awards and become a book in the school reading list that teaches friendship, adulthood, and so on.

My final words for this book and what I think. For me, this book wasn’t my favorite. It might have been my mistake but when I picked this book up, I was expecting a light and easy story to follow along. However, this book isn’t for light readers. Sure, the stories are somewhat fun and digestible but some parts of the book, you would have to read again to understand the meaning. That’s not a bad thing but it does get frustrating when it happens a bit often. For young readers, this book might not be considered fun as some parts of the book might feel too strenuous for them to understand. Overall, I can tell that the author put a lot of effort and the story itself is decent but it’s another book that aims at “winning awards and being on school’s reading list”.

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One day: Making beats with Domingo

After planning to have a mixed style song, doming and I created a beat that used many instruments of different styles

Using the instrument erhu created the sound that we wanted. It was much easier for us to create our song because we had our ideas straight, We incorporated the keyboard piano, and the launchpad to create random sounds that sounded good.

Here is the link to our song: