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Robin hood-off balance

Some noticeable things:
1. The noise being produced by mouth
2. Bare foot
3. the lighting
4. Plain clothing
5. Using people instead of stage props

Why it stood out:
1. It gave me an authentic feel. It felt real.
2. The barefoot made their roles stand out a bit more and made them look more poor and helpless. Having shoes would have probably ruined the show.
3. the lighting only shining the middle part allowed me to focus better.
4. Plain clothing, again, gave me an authentic feel since they didn’t have any flashy or brandy clothes back then. It also made them look organized.
5. I think they did a good job by using humans as stage props. They were able to save space and still looked amazing. When she opened the “window”, it looked so real.

As mentioned above, for limited space, I think they used humans as stage props in order to save more space since humans can change their shape to fit in with the surroundings. For limited resources, they did a good job by not using a lot of light but still being able to attract attention and focus. For the limited time they had, the show did not feel like they were rushing nor did some parts feel missing. It felt smooth and complete.

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Physical theatre Process Journal (Kevin Kang)

Today, we did some warm ups that required us to stretch our whole body. We also analyzed how much space we had at home and tried to maximize the usage of the space. After the warm up, we used our neutral masks to create and okay out different scenes. For example, we had to find an object that we never seen before. Then, we had to follow the storyline that was given to us. We had to hide the object, fight the enemy boss and say goodbyes to the object. I was so into the scenes that when I had to say goodbye, I felt like I was actually saying goodbye to a person that I cared about.

After today’s theatre class, I felt good and proud of myself because I worked to my fullest. Also, I don’t know if it’s because of online learning or the mask that hides our face but I felt less embarrassed and became more focused to class.

After class, I realized that our physicality can be used to express different emotions such as fear, happiness and sadness. It was interesting for me to find out that you can make people laugh, cry, and smile without saying a single word.

I was able to discover the theatre Kevin.Back when I was in middle school,I used to think theatre was a joke and something that is useless. But as I became older and enrolled to this class, I realized theatre had so much to discover and was fun if you took it seriously. Theatre has so much to offer and can raise your potential.

I think my strengths are creativity and how I can display different scenes with just movements. My weakness is the fact that I still feel embarrassed. Later in life,

I will be able to maximize the usage of movements in theatre class.I will also get better at presenting and performing in front of an audience as theatre helps you with your stage fright.

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Book reflection(The absolutely true diary of a part-time Indian)

“The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian”
Kevin Kang

“The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian” is a masterpiece.It might not be a masterpiece for everyone but this book has plenty of reasons to make it fun to read.To summarize, it’s a diary of an Indian teenager who had bigger dreams than anyone in the rez(reservation). The best part about the story was how relatable it was. I was able to understand Arnold even though I wasn’t Indian nor did I have any brain problems. The emotions he showed felt real thanks to the well written story. The story itself felt real as well. It didn’t feel like a fake book that was trying to spread a good moral or was trying to make the readers laugh the whole time. It showed the darkest days of Arnold but also his brightest days as well. Its emotions changed from being sad and depressing to charming and hopeful. It felt like a roller coaster and I was just riding through Arnold’s life. Another good thing I want to point out is the Author’s usage of language. The author was ruthless. In order to bring the life of Arnold into the book, he wasn’t afraid to include topics that might have caused a controversy or be regarded as inappropriate. He showed the typical racism that an Indian would face as well as showing the horny side of a teenage boy.He didn’t try to write it vaguely. Instead, he wrote little details which made the scene feel more realistic. These factors are what made the book possible for teenagers to relate to. The usage of bold letters were also helpful for the reader to get into the story. It felt like Arnold was loudly screaming at me to catch my attention that was slowly drifting away from the book.

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The Spring Trip 2019

The spring trip:


During this spring trip, we went on a three-day journey with JUMP! During those days, we ran into roadblocks and adventures. The friendly JUMP facilitators led us through villages and other interesting places. They had many activities waiting for us and served us good food. I feel like the purpose of this trip was to take away break from all the hard work he put up through. But while taking a break, also educating ourselves of China and how their lives were like during the Ancient days.  What I learned during the trip was that according to the paintings in the village, if you commit bad things in life, later when you die, you will be punished for those bad crimes you committed. This made to refer back to the moments where I stepped on ants for fun. I also learned the teamwork is very important when it comes to working together. We tried to make a big square just by communicating but it turned out to be an oval. We all need to communitas and work together in order to achieve teamwork. So in conclusion, I think teamwork was the most important lesson.


Some highlights during the trip were the bus ride. I was able to sit with my best friends, enjoy snacks, and play games together. Although the seatbelts were suffocating me, I still managed to get through. Another highlight I had was the Great Wall hike. It was hard and exhausting but the reward was worth it. The feel of achievement and the breathtaking view. My last highlight of the trip was the nights we spent. I was able to sleep with my closest friends, talk about life, and other things we usually didn’t talk about it. Playing Truth or Dare, telling secrets. It was filled with joy and excitement.


Some recommendation I could give would be good foods that are easily digested. Even though I love Asian cuisine and is used to eating Chinese foods, I had some problem digesting some of the foods. Every night, I had to take a digestive pill to calm down my upset stomach. If the food was more digestible and better, I would have enjoyed the trip a lot more. The food was also my main source of energy and since I couldn’t eat a lot, I was somewhat tired during the trip. Another recommendation would be more freedom. I think every middle school trip lacks this but every field trip lacked freedom.  We all had to follow the JUMP people around. I think field trip is a way for our imaginative mind to take over. So we should be free.

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One day: Making beats with Domingo

After planning to have a mixed style song, doming and I created a beat that used many instruments of different styles

Using the instrument erhu created the sound that we wanted. It was much easier for us to create our song because we had our ideas straight, We incorporated the keyboard piano, and the launchpad to create random sounds that sounded good.

Here is the link to our song:

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Temple field trip 2019

Temple field trip 2019: Lama temple, Daoist temple, and confuius temple school.

Lama temple: Buddhism

When?: In 1744

Originates from: India

Central figure: Buddha

  • People in Lama temple used incense to pray.
  • People were very serious about it and when some of our classmates were off task and behaving not well, they hushed us and encouraged us to behave.
  • It was weird to me that Buddhists at the Lama temple didn’t know when the Lama temple was built. We asked him and he replied to us saying that there is a sign that shows when it was created.
  • People also meditate and use Buddhist beads to practice Buddhism.
  • Incense lengths=life’s length


Confucius temple school: Confucianism

When?: 1302

Originates from: China

Central figure: Confucius

  • In the beginning or near the entrance of the temple, there was a statue of Confucius.
  • Everyone was so respectful in the temple.


Beijing Dongyue temple: Daoism or Taoism

when?: 1319

originates from: china

central figure: laozi

  • It had statues of different animals and monsters that you would become if you committed bad things. It also shows you the punishments.
  • Had museums related to the religion Daoism.

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One Day: Making beats planning with Domingo

Making beats: Our original plan was to team up in groups of four. But we realized that if we work with four people, we are learning inefficient ly so we decided to divide the teams of two and see who made better beats. Me and Domingo were deciding on the style of the beat whether it will be chill or relaxed vibe-ish beat or edm and beat drop beat. We were making suggestions and we decided to go with the just dance-ish feel. We required house party music feel which means launch pads. On one day, we are going to work on the beat and the build up and most importantly the beat drop