English 9 Book

Star Wars: The Force Awakens & Striker Boy

Alan Dean Foster & Jonny Zucker

Page ? Chapter 5 & Page End

This book was a pleasure reading in my opinion because I already understand the story, it is mainly to see how the novelization would fit in place, and this has been a book that I admire. I have said that I like this book, but that does not mean that I would end up writing my literary analysis essay on this particular book. I would rather do it on another one. In my previous posts, there was a book that I liked the most, called “Striker Boy”. It is a novel that speaks of a 13 British boy who, in all his pain and suffering in his real-life, football is what keeps him at peace. This book is a book that I feel is in my range of analyzing and I believe that I should go for it.

English 9 Book

Lord of the Flies

William Golding

Page 40

The Lord of the Flies talks about a handful of English schoolboys who, in a plane crash, are stranded in the middle of nowhere on an island and have to build a society. The part that I have got to talks about a boy named Ralph and a boy, who doesn’t really have a name (or so he says), but is called Piggy, try and attract attention with a contraption that they have discovered to be lying on the ground. They figure out that the object if you try and blow into it, can make a sound. They try that, and they cannot believe their eyes. Multiple innocent children, much like them, show up and start their way through the empty land and towards the source of the sound. Once people get there, they decide on a leader. Someone who can show courage. They pick Ralph.

English 9 Book

Less than Dead

Tim Downs

Pg 210

Since Nick Polchak discovered that Marge, the FEMA-accredited cadaver dog owner, could be dead. All the press people think that Marge found the graves, announcing publicly that she had found the graves with her dog, Bosco. Later the next day, in the same apartment building as Nick’s, he hears faint barking coming from Marge’s room. He opened the door and finds Bosco whimpering in the cage of his. He lets him out, and right then, he has a feeling that Marge is dead. He knows that Marge didn’t find the graves – the witch did. Upon learning that the “fake” person found the graves, he figures that the witch, also more commonly known among her friends as “Alena”, is in trouble. He hypothesises that the killer of the people in the graves had something to do with this. He thinks that the killer is maybe trying to hide something that he doesn’t want anybody to know about. But first, Nick’s first priority is keeping Alena safe. He wants to figure out what the killer is hiding. Luckily for him, the family members of the victims left notes. They all refer to a single place—the dogleg lake. Alena and Nick decide to go there. Later, somewhere else, a reporter from the WRTL is interviewing the sheriff in charge of finding the dead bodies, and the sheriff spills the truth. He says to the reporter, “Marge didn’t do it. Alena did.”

English 9 Diagnostic

When looking back at my English in-class timed essay, I found out that when I was looking through Greta Thunberg’s piece, I found out that she had used a lot of features I had no idea what the names were. That was pretty frustrating knowing that there would be multiple features; it was just me who didn’t remember the words. When I was writing the essay, I found that organising my ideas was simple enough since it was pretty straight forward to select different passages from the speech and piece them together to create a paragraph. If I were to do the in-class timed essay again, I would make sure that I selected quotes from the speech and plan out what topics in my piece they would go into. If possible, I would like some more practice on literary features and their names. That way, I wouldn’t miss any and hopefully, be able to explain them properly and clearly.

English 9 Book

Tim Downs

Less Than Dead

Page 123

In this part of the book, Nick Polchak goes on a daring adventure through the woods only to find a woman who is famously known as the witch. The hounds that she own have an excellent skill – sniffing out dead bodies. Ever since the construction crew found the grave in a potential graveyard, Nick has been sent to excavate the rest, if there are any. The cadaver dog who is hired has only been able to mine on a positive sign whilst Nick is searching for another candidate who is right to take her place. The witch is that person. After Nick leads her to the excavation site, her three-legged dog finds 28 potential graves before the break of dawn. That’s until Marge, the previous cadaver dog owner, came by, and the witch ran away. The FBI is now questioned, and the FBI, who was previously on the case, has been kicked out and replaced. The senator’s land is in jeopardy because the excavation plan is set in senator Braden’s land. The big question now is, will Nick Polchak finish the excavation in time to not cause frustration with the Senator?

English 9 Independent Book

Less than Dead

Tim Downs

Pg 36

In the beginning, we get introduced to a sheriff, of a small county, where a boy has gone missing. When the scene changes, the sheriff meets up with a woman with extraordinary abilities, she can turn regular dogs into those sniff out corpses, a cadaver dog. The sheriff hopes that she can help them with the search, but since she can find corpses, he doesn’t want that to be his first choice. But now he has no choice. They go searching for the boy. Later, an FBI agent starts his way forward to a site where there claims to have been a graveyard been excavated, and an entomologist called Nick Polchak. He finds the remnants of the graveyard, and sees that these people might have been killed. So, he sets out to find the truth.

English 9 Independent Reading

Foul Play

Tom Palmer

Pg 59

At this stage in the book, a boy named Danny Harte has been introduced, a boy with a lot of potential in tackling crimes and watching football. When he tries to catch some bandits trying to rob a jewellery store, he films them, but what he doesn’t know is that disaster can strike any minute when you’re in the field. His battery runs out, and the camera starts making a ping sound repetitively. He almost gets caught red-handed by the robbers but manages to outrun them and head to the Portakabin yard. One of the bandits snatched his detective notebook. But Danny has more troubling thoughts on his mind. He sees his most favourite player being kidnapped. Danny seems it’s pretty suspicious, so skipping school the next day was a bad idea to figure out what was wrong. On the news, literal live story, he hears that the club owner the player was from says that the private I.K.G.P group won’t hand over the player just like that – he will be on sale for 10 million dollars. Danny wants to know where the group have taken Roberts. He stumbles over a lead where there is an eerie silence. This was the part that I have got to, and there are still about 200 more pages to go through, so I think this book is leading me somewhere.

Striker Boy

Striker Boy

Jonny Zucker

Pg End

The genre of this book, if you didn’t get it from the title is about football. It’s about a boy named Nat Cartwright who plays phenomenally well everywhere he’s gone to, from the streets in France to Brazil’s beaches. It’s his dream to become a Premier League player. Still, after all the fame he’s gotten once he’s played a game, the confidence in him rises to his full extent to make becoming a Premier League player, from a dream to his destiny. His favourite team, the Hatton Rangers, are facing relegation in the Premier League meaning that their insurance is to go down, and they’ll not get funds from the Premier League anytime in the future. They battle to stay up, but they can’t, knowing that they lose almost every game they play. Nat decides that he wants to join the team. The first team. This is a thrilling story about football, and of course, they are more to it, but this is the main idea.


Striker Boy

What did I think of what I read?

This book was an excellent book, because it addressed my number one favourite sport, football. The book had a great emotional feeling to it which made it a great read.

If I chose one text to write my essay NOW: which text, what focus question, and why?

If I were to choose one text to write about Now, then I would choose this book. This book, according to me, is a fairly easy read. I would focus on the question, why did Nat feel bad when he got chosen for the over 17’s team and how did he feel after it? I want to use this because it’s a broad question and I won’t have a hard time collecting evidence and citing them into my paragraphs.

Test Shots

I will be using a gimbal to stabilize the shots. We did some recording of our scenes within the movie, such as the scene within the hallway where the monster first appears, we tested it out, and we got some good results. The video will not load up. We also tested out the recording room scene. The main idea of that scene is that we have the protagonist walking into the recording room putting his computer down, and closing the door. After a while, the door suddenly opens and the protagonist starts towards the door and opens it and looks outside. While he does that, the lights inside the room turn off. When he checks back inside, there is the antagonist, turning in a chair and facing him. We will do some more filming in later classes, but here is where we are right now.