What clubs I want to attend to.

I am attending to swimming club, badminton club, and the production called Honk Jr. I will attend to the swimming club on Mondays and Fridays, Then the badminton club I will attend to that club at Tuesday and Thursday. Then the production I will see if I have time in the week and I think that it is going to be on Wednesdays. I like the swimming because I do it almost every day. I gives me the energy to be excited, make new friends, and also, just to have fun. I like badminton because I also like tennis, but badminton, I like it because I like to hit high shots with a soft ball. Then the drama production Honk Jr I like it that I can to a production and make new friends as well.                                                                          Monday, when I get back at 6:00 from swimming I have my shower which will take about 10-20 mins, then I will have my dinner which will be at 6:30-7:00, then I do my homework from 7:00 to 8:00. Then I got to sleep.                                                                                      Tuesday, shower6:00-6:20, dinner 6:30-7:00, homework 7:00-8:00. Sleep.  Wednesday, 6:00-6:20 shower, 6:30-7:00, dinner, 7:00-8:00 homework. Sleep.  Thursday, shower 6:00-6:20, dinner 6:30-7:00, homework 7:00-8:00. Sleep.    Friday, shower 6:00-6:20, dinner 6:30-7:00, homework 7:00-8:00. Sleep.

This is my week now.

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