My Cranky Contraption

This is my cranky contraption!

My biggest success was figuring out how to make the crank work.

My biggest obstacle was finding an idea of what my crank would look like.

Skills that I learned or developed wereHow to use tools i haven’t used before.

Chinese Restaurant Field Trip Reflection



中国餐厅天意小馆在SHINE HILLS 我们乘校车去那里.




Mesopotamia Simulation!

    Day One Simulation Reflection -Ancient Mesopotamia

The activity was to work as a group to make different thing to be able to make a secret invention, a catapult.

Through out the simulation Arthur and I were in charge of the architecture it was kind of hard for me because i like drawing things with detail and never drawing a floor plan.

i don’t really think we had any accomplishments because we were struggling with teamwork.

If i could do this activity again I would change how we divided the work and be better teammates.

One day blog post

For one day i am planning to make a beat and record a voice over my beat to make a song

Ancient China. Best Tea Ever!

This is my blog about ancient china. we made a video/animation about ancient Chinese tea. it took us 4-5 days to complete our animation and script.We split up the job into three i do the intro and Emily oh does the middle and Akina does the end, but sadly she was sick for most of the project. I think we did really well on the animations and we put our best in it.

Chinese Drake

Drake的爱好 by Kiss with feedback


Drake的爱好 by:Kiss.Mbaoh


你们好!我是Drake。我的名字是Aubrey Drake Graham。我是加拿大人和美国人。我的生日是十月二十四日。我是三十二岁。我有个妹妹。我的名字是Stephanie。我的身价US $100 million (2018).


我有一个爱好。我的爱好是说唱。我每天都说唱。我喜欢我的爱好。很多人有同样的爱好这样Eminem,lil yachty,Kayne West,Cardi B,Travis Scott ,Kendrik Lamar,Jay z,Nicki Minaj,XXXTentacion,21savage,lil uzi vert,Tupac Shakur,Post Malone,2 chainz,和我!

Early humans and Us Community

In Humanities I got put in the community group. We researched, made timelines, added primary sources, and then made paragraphs and this is my final project

My First Chinese Blog


DONUTS for Middle School : )

Middle School is easy as long as you DO-NUT get into trouble!:  ) GET IT?

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