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  • Dead Ringers

    Kyle Bowman November 24th, 2020 Task: Storyboard and Script Writing STORYBOARD: BEAT 1-5 IMG_1326 SCRIPT: For Beat 2 Lucas : What did you get on the quiz?  Nate: I got a B, what did you get?  Lucas: I won’t tell you  Nate: That’s not fair I just told you mine  Lucas: You’d have to kill […]

  • Product Design
  • “龍”

    This is my door decoration for the 2020 Chinese New Year! It includes spring couplets, traditional Chinese paper cutouts, and dragons, along with fairy lights to brighten up the door. Throughout the process of this design project me and my partner Poppy faced a few struggles. One of them being installing the fairy lights because […]

  • Humanities
  • Happenings of the Boxers

    Do the Boxers Deserve a Bad Rap? Yes, the Boxers deserve a bad rap. This is because the foreigners and missionaries did not start the natural disasters in Shandong which caused the Boxers to start killing the foreigners and Christians. Obviously, the foreigners were at wrong for staying in China but killing them was a […]

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  • My Life Bottle

    Kyle Bowman   My Life Bottle   Today I wake up hungry, tired, and terrified. Hungry because I ate sleep for dinner again. Tired because I tried to stop it again. And terrified because I know it will happen again.   I leave my room while scraping dry blood off my fingernails Entering the dimmed […]

  • Product Design
  • The Banana Box

      This is the Banana Box. It is a laser-cut wooden box that can securely hold my phone and it’s accessories in my locker until I need to use them. I used Adobe Illustrator to design the Banana Box and it turned out great. My biggest success with the Banana Box was that it fit […]

  • Humanities
  • Fearful Yet Hopeful

      Hermia by Kyle Bowman This is a magazine cover inspired by William Shakespeare‘s “Midsummer Night’s Dream“. It is based on the character Hermia, who has a hard time choosing between marrying a man she doesn’t love (Demetrius), become a nun, or disobey her father (Egeus) and die! Rather than choosing any of those she […]