English Timed Essay Reflection

What did you find hard about understanding and analyzing the speech? I found it hard to choose which things to talk about my thesis at first. What did you do well and what did you struggle with, in terms of writing the essay? I did well in managing my time, organizing my thoughts before writing, […]

All of my film projects

FIVE SHOTS     The five shots of the sequence were ECU, CU, MS, OTS, and an interesting shot.   ECU is the first shot of the sequence. An extreme close-up is shot with a tightly focused view with only few features of a character or an object visible. The entire screen is filled with a single […]

English 9 Reading Blog (Updated)

Title = Mastering the VC Game – A Venture Capital Reveals How to Get from Startup to IPO on Your Terms Author = Jeffrey Busang Page = 31d I find this book intriguing because it talks in both perspectives of a venture capitalist and an entrepreneur. It is normally difficult to see both perspectives but […]

From Loyalist to a Patriot

I was born twice; first, in a shivery night in the streets of Britain as a loyalist and who was devoted to the royals; and then again, in the colonies as a patriot who sought independence from the unjust acts of the royals. Moving to the colonies was the best decision I made my entire […]

How George Washington Made America

Link to photo The American Revolution was a colonial insurgency which occurred between 1765 and 1783 starting from the culmination of the French and Indian war. What started out as a revolution subsequently turned in to a ruthless war between the colonies that soon became the United States of America and Great Britain. This war […]

Final Russian Revolution Journal

It is 1939 in an abnormal day. A pact called the Nazi-Soviet-pact, which is the Treaty of Non-Aggression between Germany and the USSR (Union of Soviet Socialist Republics), was signed. Ungracious and insolent citizens of the Soviet Union were griping and dissenting about our new ally, Germany. They should be grateful for at least being […]

Foreign Legations and the Boxers

The boxers have gone through multiple events in history. Some may assert that the boxers deserve a negative reputation in history while some do not. In my opinion, the boxers deserve a good reputation. First of all, the boxers never invaded or intruded any other country’s territory. They weren’t interested in any of the things […]

Your Superficial Complaints – Poem

-Your Superficial Complaints-   In an early morning of 2018 A boy with black curly hair Wearing a white t shirt and black shorts Walks back home from school With a frown extending as far as outer space He goes up the glittering marble staircase Sits on his soft leather chair in his room And […]