Waverly’s Rules of the Game


“Rules of the Game” – Amy Tan

“Strongest wind cannot be seen” (Tan 1) is the art of invisible strength that Waverly Jong, the protagonist of the story, learned from her mom when she was six. Waverly is a Chinese immigrant living in San Francisco with few brothers and a unique mom. She is passionate about chess and has attended several tournaments throughout the story. With a Chinese mom and an American environment, her unique mixed American and Chinese culture has been affecting her a lot in her life.  Corresponding to me, Waverly is a fervent learner and a child who needs to ameliorate her interpersonal skills with her family.

From her actions and thoughts, Waverly can be identified as a fervent learner. According to Waverly’s actions, it can be seen that Waverly toils when doing something she enjoys. Also, it can be seen that Waverly dispenses an immense amount of time on chess, “I would stare for hours at imaginary battles” (Jong 5). Since the amount of effort, she implemented is noticeably shown, it is evident that Waverly is an avid learner. In accordance with Waverly’s family members’ opinions, Waverly needs to work on her interpersonal skills. Although Waverly might be an ardent learner, she still has some problems with not being able to consider other people’s feelings and emotions. For instance, Waverly’ constantly annoys her brother by incessantly asking pointless questions without concerning how annoying it could be for her brother at that moment “Why is the sky blue? Why must you always have to ask these stupid questions? “(Brother 4). The annoyance that Waverly’s brother received is definitely shown therefore it is evident that this kind of behavior of Waverly aggravated the relationship between her brother and that she needs to improve her interpersonal skills with him. It is not only her brother Waverly is having relationship difficulties with, but this case might be familiar with her mom as well. Waverly gets mad and shows rude behaviors to her mom and runs away from her mother. By the time she came back home, her mom filled with anger showed her opinion on Waverly: “This girl not have concerning for us.” (Mom 9). Therefore, it is clear that Waverly needs to work on her interpersonal skills with her mother as well.

A characteristic that can be associated with Waverly is my necessity of amendment in my interpersonal skills with my family members. For example, when my mom tries to give me advice about the mistakes I made and the things I could improve on, I often hear them as complains from my mom. Although those conflicts between us have intervened sporadically, I still frequently have a lot of arguments with my sister. There was never a time where quarrels weren’t present in between my sister and me. We argued over who is better at Chinese, better at coding, and gets better grades from school. These miscellaneous arguments still occur therefore both Waverly and I need to make progress in our interpersonal skills.

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  1. I like your highly descriptive vocabularies such as ameliorate, and fervent, that really helped me understand what kind of person Waverly is and how she’s acting in the story.

  2. I like your vocabulary. I like how you used fervent, amendment, intervened, etc. I can connect because I also used similar vocab. What does sporadically mean?

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