Your Superficial Complaints – Poem

-Your Superficial Complaints-


In an early morning of 2018
A boy with black curly hair
Wearing a white t shirt and black shorts
Walks back home from school
With a frown extending as far as outer space
He goes up the glittering marble staircase
Sits on his soft leather chair in his room
And he shouts with grief
As loud as thousand speakers:
O why is there so much homework to do
O what’s even the point of going to school
O why won’t the teacher care for me
O how come school is so tedious

While he complained and frowned
This is what occurred
On the other side of the world

A boy looked around
He could smell the scent of blood
From the bodies scattered, all across the ground
Warplanes as frightening as a ghost
Roared across the grey sky, dropping bombshells
Burning down the schools to toast
With no time to learn but to fight
With no school to learn but to fight
All the boy could do was try to save his own life

Another boy does everything to go to school
To thicken the wallet that once was thin
Working here and there
Moving bricks here and there
Moving concrete and steel
Sweat dropping from his head to toes
Scratches and dirt covering his body like a winter coat
But all of this still made his wallet thin
No man can live without food
No man can live without a home
No man can live without water
So he never got a chance to go
To this wonderful place called school

So boy, why are you complaining about all these superficial things
These children never get a chance to pursue their dreams
But you have everything to pursue your dreams
No barriers block your way
Use your privilege wisely
By helping the children in South Sudan

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