Foreign Legations and the Boxers

The boxers have gone through multiple events in history. Some may assert that the boxers deserve a negative reputation in history while some do not. In my opinion, the boxers deserve a good reputation. First of all, the boxers never invaded or intruded any other country’s territory. They weren’t interested in any of the things that the foreigners had. Ironically, it was the foreigners that intruded into China and started to spread western values and slaughtered massive numbers of Chinese citizens calling them “uncivilized”. For example, the British started the opium wars, undermining the Chinese government and soldiers efficiency, and burned down many villages of China. Also, the foreigners started to spread western values, for example, christianity, thinking that their values are superior to eastern values. It is evident that ideas opposing egalitarian principles has resulted in superfluous cases of violence, These cases of violence integrates bombings of churches of different religions, shootings, and thousands of casualties. Consequently, the boxers have a clear reason to act upon as the boxers are citizens of China and are on their own land. All the vehemence caused by the boxers can be symbolized as an act of patriotism and the boxers deserve a good reputation in history.

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