How George Washington Made America

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The American Revolution was a colonial insurgency which occurred between 1765 and 1783 starting from the culmination of the French and Indian war. What started out as a revolution subsequently turned in to a ruthless war between the colonies that soon became the United States of America and Great Britain. This war ended up as an American Victory from fierce and exhausting battles. Some of the important figures of the revolution were George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Patrick Henry, King George III, and Thomas Jefferson.



Now, do you think this revolution should be exalted or was just a regression? Was it all worth it? All of this is yours to decide.

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One thought on “How George Washington Made America

  1. I like how you made the dates very clearly, and the progression of the video is very fluid having many details without being overwhelming. Your video includes many details that weren’t in other videos, it has many different battles. In the Cuban Revolution after the rebels defeated Batista, things pretty much stayed the same, people were unable to have freedom of speech and were executed if they were a sympathizer of Batista. As you mentioned in the video, the US pretty much stayed the same.

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