Robotics Petting Zoo Project {Reflection Blog}

What am I mostly proud of?

I am mostly proud that I got to explore a new world of coding with hardware since I only know how to do stuff with software. It was interesting to see the science and mechanics behind what I used daily. I am also proud that I wasn’t able to go behind schedule with this and submit this project late, and finally come in consensus with my robotics teacher about certain aspects of my project. This is also my first ever robotics class @ Isb, so it was interesting to see what Robotics class was like and what we usually do throughout the year and especially this unit. This unit really was able to improve my independency skills as well, since I wasn’t able to rely on teachers except for the due dates.

What is something I would change if I were to do this again?(besides being at school with all the resources)

If I were to do this project again, I would choose a different animal so that I can explore the different actions that I can use with my resources. Another thing that I would do is change the audience of this project, so that I don’t have to oversimplify my words which will lead to decreased undermining of my message. Another thing that would be cool to do is doing this with teams so that I can ameliorate my collaboration

What have I learned about myself through this project?

Throughout this project, I struggled to get help directly and quickly from my teacher due to the barricade of communication from the coronavirus. Even when such situations are in place, I learned that it is always important to seek for help to teachers if you are not sure with what you have to do. I also learned how to program hardware(unfamiliar) instead of software(familiar).

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