English Timed Essay Reflection

  • What did you find hard about understanding and analyzing the speech?
    • I found it hard to choose which things to talk about my thesis at first.
  • What did you do well and what did you struggle with, in terms of writing the essay?

I did well in managing my time, organizing my thoughts before writing, and analyzing the text.

  • What do you wish you had done differently OR what would you do differently for the next timed, in-class essay?

I wish I could have more time and organize my arguments in a more clear manner

  • What topics or skills would you like more instruction on and practice with, for this type of task? (For example: how to identify and remember the names of techniques, how to annotate, how to outline, how to manage your time, how to proofread…)

How to outline, how to make a convincing intro and conclusion

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