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TOK Blog Post #1: Are some ways of knowing more likely than others to lead to truth?

There are many ways of knowing something, we can see, hear, and read. These three ways all have different benefits in turns of using it what situation. For example the video we watched of people passing around basketballs, we hardly notice that there was a man doing the moon walk in the background behind, and so sometimes seeing might not be perfect was there are ways we need to know from just seeing it. A different example for this would be of a man saying the same word but in different but we hear it differently but the only way we could’ve knew about it was to look at his mouth which by then you’ll come to realize that the man was saying the same world all along, and in this case your hearing might not be the best way of knowing the best of knowing within this specific case would using your eyes to view the presentation of it’s mouth to realize that your ears are fooling you.
Sometimes knowing more by reading could potentially mislead you to a wrong area which would be extreme religious beliefs. For example the video we viewed on about people in India had a belief that the stone elephant would actually drink milk which then was proving that there was just a vacuum similar thing hidden within the trunks of the elephant.In this case being unaware of what’s going on but still choosing to believe what was being told by the religion isn’t the wises choose but it wasn’t a mistake by them because they chose what they saw instead of what they could’ve done with logic.
Within all these different examples we could tell there are benefits and disadvantages, but there are ways of better knowing the truth than others. Personally I think that the best of knowing would be to use read which would be to see with logic, because with our knowledge I think the fact of using your eyes to check on things. The idea of being able to see things and using some logic would most likely lead to the truth. Think about it this way if we saw the moon we would think its a flat 2D shaped, but if we add some logic to it and some information we know about planets we could use our vision to assume that its a 3D shaped ball, on the other hand we could use our vision to do some much more for example being able to see many thing from books to learn the information. A very good example would be the evidence that was found to prove that blackhole are real it was a photograph that was taken viewed by our own eyes which means some ways are more likely to lead to truth.

TOK pre-assessment

What do you know for sure, and how do you know it ?

I know that I am an actual living human being and that time is relevant to us and how it changes everything in this world. I also know that time is the only thing in the world that is a measurement for the environment and our earth. I also know that our time on this planet is short in comparison to most of the things that has been on this planet the oldest human-being is perhaps 5times younger then a rock that has been on this planet, and I know the black hole is a very powerful existence in the universe, and I know that time travel maybe possible if we are as fast as time goes, or as slow as time can get.

I know that school is important for future career search, and knowledge of being able to socialize with different people, I also know that in order to be successful in the future you need some sort of educational certificate from a proved University. I know that it is difficult to be a good student and get good grades and listen to what ever my parents say that I should do or shouldn’t be doing.

I know that drinking water and breathing air is relevant for all human, we all need to consume water and break in air in-order to survive. I also know that its best to always stay positive then negative because being positive would mean looking at everything in a positive way and result would come out positive as well on the other hand if he think negatively the result would most likely come out negative. I also know that its important to be interactive in life and don’t be mean to people that are nice to you.

The Hutong photo action plan

The photographer inspires me the most would be Garry Winogrand, the photos that Garry Winogrand take are mostly to be a photo with a person and other things, if the mood for the person is happy the background for the picture is most likely to be fancy cars and bright lights, but on the other hand sad photos are dark, and usually unfocused on the background. Because my picture would mostly aim for happiness, so then I would do what Garry Winogrand do, to make sure the background is in a similar feeling in mood. The picture that I would mostly focus on would be similar to his, but for the color choose I would choose multiple color to represent different feelings.

Benoit Rousseau

This is a picture taken by the photographer Benoit Rousseau, I really like this photo because it shows clear lines of the stairs, then it also shows an comparison between a couple and a single person. The color of the picture really contrast with the story that this is telling. If I would try and understand the story it would feel like to me that it is trying to tell the person by it self to find someone. Benoit Rousseau really expressed the emotions in this picture by showing the couples.

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