Art, Grade 9

Impressionism Artist Study


Monet “The Water Lily Pond” Artist Study

This 1899 artwork The Water Lily Pond by Claud Monet. This artwork is created at the late stage of Claud Monet, and it is the start of his series of “Water Lilies”. Through his use of art elements and design principles. Monet creates an artwork that captures different cultures.


First of all, in this artwork, Monet has applied lots of elements and principles, such as shape, texture, value, and the collaboration between color and movements. Monet has use lots of art elements. One of the most common elements that are used in oil painting is texture. The texture in this artwork is used on trees and plants. Which makes the plants seen more realistic. The shape is clearly used in this work, especially the bridge. In this artwork, there are lots of elements, such as the water lilies, tree, water, etc. But the shape of the bridge in this artwork is clearly shown. This has emphasis the main focus of this artwork. The value, which is the use of light and shadow. Monet has used a big contrast between the bright and dark parts; this suggests this artwork is drawn in either spring or summer. Moreover, in this artwork. Monet has successfully cooperated with the color and movement together to highlight the bridge include in this artwork. Firstly, the movement of the trees and the reed plants are all pointing towards the bridge, which the audience’s attention will follow the flow and look at the bridge. Secondly, this artwork is the scene in a garden, in which there is a lot of use of the color green. However, the bridge’s color is the brightest white color in this work; this stand-out color could draw the audience’s attention more. To add more, the use of the color palette also creates a hazy feeling.


In addition, from looking at the other artworks of Monet’s “Water Lily” series. There are lots of works that are from the same perspective, for example, this Japanese Bridge. Just looking at the pieces that have this Japanese bridge, about fifteen same perspective artworks of this bridge are created from 1898 to 1900. This also refers to the aspect of impressionism; the artist won’t take years to finish one work. In this artwork, we could also see the shapes are made up with short brush strokes; some of the water lilies in the water don’t have a precise shape. These two also have reflected on the characteristics of impressionism. There are also other characteristics used in this artwork. In this artwork, there are parts that reflect the modern life. In the past, there isn’t a lot of trade of culture between places like Asia and Europe, later people start to have technology that could have better communications. Monet didn’t have a chance to go to Japanese, but he learned about Japanese traditional art through globalization. This is also a part that shows the modern life.


Furthermore, when Monet created this artwork, there are lots of stories behind it. This artwork is part of his “Water Lily” series. After Monet moved around France and stopped at Giverny, the North of France, he found this beautiful natural scene. Then he has built up his own garden. However, Monet was very interested in Japanese art since 1871. Later in his life, the majority of his art influence was from ukiyo-e, also other masters of traditions, such as Utagawa Hiroshige, Katsushika Hokusai, and Kitagawa Utamaro. This is also the motivation he has built the Japanese Bridge in his garden. We could see that he has cleverly mixed this Japanese style into a western painting style from this artwork.


To sum it up, Monet has used various art elements and design principles to show the important aspects and characteristics of impressionism art. Through this, Monet has mix the Japanese traditional into the newly developed western painting style. Monet have challenge himself through his art life.


English, Grade 9

Feb. 23, 2021 Reading Blog

What did you read over the holiday? What was your opinion of it?

I have read a bit on the book I am reading now. The story is getting into the climax, in which conflict is happening.


How many full works of fiction have you complete so far, as part of your independent reading?

I have finish one full book, and two other books that I have finish half of it.


Which of the works has had the biggest impact on you, and why?

Until now, I will say that the one that I have finished, and the one I am reading now.


Which of the works contained the most creative use of language? What examples can you give?

I would say that the book I am now currently reading has use creative use of language. However, the other book that I have finish also has creative use of languages.


Which work do you think would prove to be most useful for writing a literary essay?

The book I am reading now, called Orphan Islnd. This book is kind of interesting.

Art, Grade 9

Andy Warhol Artist Study Analysis

This 1967 artwork “Marilyn Monroe” by Andy Warhol. Have uses lots of art elements, also some of the design principles. These elements and principles have well-developed meaning for his art; his artwork has also let more people recognize and accept pop art. 

First of all, the four most stands out elements or principles are shape, value, color, and proportion or scale. Firstly, from the art elements. Warhol has uses a big block of colors to create the character. This artwork has used a specific shape to make each part of the character, such as the skin or the face. It is obvious that the color is directly put on to the artwork, the yellow and the flesh color didn’t blend to each other, and the two-color are clearly separated. The shapes that Warhol uses have also helped him to add more details to the artwork. From the painting, we could clearly see that there are small details of shadows. This creates value to the painting, from a full of color blocks artwork to a two-dimensional artwork. Warhol also has an interesting decision of using colors. We could see that the main color is pink, except for the hair. The use of color will catch the audience’s attention and move from the hair to the center. On the other hand, Warhol also uses design principles in his artwork. In this artwork, the size of the main character has almost covered the whole artwork. The big size could capture the audience’s attention the most. Therefore, the use of a combination of elements and principle have well worked together to capture people’s attention. 

Secondly, this artwork is really straight forward that the audience could say that the artwork is Marilyn Monroe’s portrait. Marilyn Monroes have been known as the most famous woman actress; she died in 1962 suicide at her own house. Warhol has been interested in women’s beauty and their life behind the scenes. However, Marilyn Monroe was always smiling in front of people, but not many people notice their pain and struggles. Warhol uses the portrait and chooses colors that are not usually used for portraits. This suggests that there is a real person behind all this fame. The other nine portraits suggest that the real person behind might have lots of different characteristics, and their appearance is only used for a product. Therefore, Warhol utilizes Marilyn Monroe’s story and portrait to explain the behind of all the fame.

Lastly, this artwork is created in 1976, which is 14 years after Marilyn Monroe’s death. At this period, pop art is well developed. Warhol was born in the United States, which all his artwork is created there; from research, Warhol was suffered from Sydenham’s chorea, which he later has touched on advertisements. Screen printing is how the advertisements are mass-produced; Warhol has well applied this technique to the portrait and produced it with different colors. His way of creating art and his work have been seen as not art. This argument has taken lots of people’s attention. While taking more people’s attention, more people start to imitate the “copy” way to create art. This has pushed pop art to a higher level, where people began to accept this way of creating art. 

To sum up, Andy Warhol has created an astonishing artwork that has grabbed many people’s attention. The use of shadow, color, shape, and size has created a detailed portrait. Warhol uses his own way to make this artwork; the screen printing has caused a huge argument on, is this work art? Debates take more people’s attention and lead pop art to a new stage. Behind this artwork, the real person behind that body. Warhol has done a great job of renovating a new form of art and a sad story within the artwork. 

Art, Grade 9

Pop Art Journal

pdf version: Final Art Work 



Starting the pop art unit, we have brainstorm lots of ideas.

At the start, I just put down some elements that I think pop art has, like the size of the shape, and more comic style of art.

On this page, I have think about different pop artists’ styles and come up with similar styles of ideas. Like Keith Haring’s character, or David Hockney’s swimming pool, about a small moment. Then I have think about the use of colors, like Andy Warhol have play around with screen printing. And I have think about having four same work but using different color.

From all the brainstorming, I decided to do something similar to Andy Warhol’s style of art. Maybe doing screenprint digitally. I have also searched online to get more insprision. I have thought about using the same technique to screenprint an object, not doing portraits. I found a work that looks like doing it digitally, and the interesting part is, it is a portrait of Marilyn Monroe, but only the recognizable part is was drawn. (The picture is under) So I will be thinking to have a art work that only remain the recognizable part of that object or get rid of the recognizable part.

This is a padlet that contains all my inspirations.

Made with Padlet




For the final piece, I start off by watching videos of making Andy Warhol style of art and try for some portraits and fruits. All the artworks will be made in photoshop.




We also did some exercises like learning more pop artist’s styles. One we have try out is Jeff Koons. Jeff Koons did a lot of sculptures, like the huge size of food. So, from here we base on the space outside of the classroom to design a sculpture that we might want to put there.

(missing picture)

From the idea of sculptures, we also have made some small sculptures from ceramics.


Final Artwork

I am not sure about exactly what object I will be making, I start with flowers. I might have lots of different colors and different kinds of flowers. Also, I have thought about taking the shadows always.

Keep the idea of different kinds of flowers, I start to find other more recognizable flowers. The flower below is some successful ones. There are also some that are not really good.

For this one, the morning glory flower, because the flower itself has parts that really bright, so when editing the brightness and darkness, some parts of shadow wasn’t showing. Also for the tulip, the original picture is not that clear so that when I transfer the picture into black and white the picture doesn’t seem to be very good. I have also tried out some other tulip pictures, but it is hard to find a single one. The only single tulip I found is a white one, so when I transfer the picture into white it is also not going well.

Like the two pictures under it, if choose to have more light parts, then there will be missing of the petal of the tulip. If I choose to have more darker parts, it is possible to see the petal, but there will be a bunch of black blocks, which is not really good for adding colors.

During the process of creating the arts, I also found out that in photoshop I could also change the color of the shadow. But I found out that if I change the color of the shadow, some of the colors that apply to the non shadow parts are not able to collaborate with it, and it will be a block of the same color or it is hard to recognize the difference of shadow and white part.

Final Art Work

For the final artwork, I design each flower will be a small square, but to present it more easily I put it all together. In the picture, the first row is very similar to the original color of the flower. For this artwork, I like the audience to notice the different appearances of the flower, also the importance of color.



During this unit, I have been frustrated on what kind of art I really want to work on. So, when I was actually working on it, I spend lots of time just not getting the work I want. However, I know that the artwork turn out interesting, but the time I spend on it, is kind of a growth. Maybe next time, just do what ever I have think of, don’t confuse much.

Mar. 12, 2021

Grade 9

2021 Reading Blog

Book Name: Everything I Know About You


What page have you read up to so far?

I have finished this book.


What has changed or developed in the novel since your last reflection? Is it as you expected?

In this novel, the main character Tally has lots of conflict with herself, her friends, and her roommate Ava. Tally’s roommate has problems with eating her food, and also Tally was scared of telling this to the teacher because Ava has bad pictures of her. Tally also has learned that she has always so care about her “friends” and make her friends uncomfortable with this. Tally also has a conflict with other people’s comments about her style or outfit. Through this novel, Tally have developed, meet new friends, and learn different things, which is a huge change.


If you have completed a novel, what was your overall impression of it? Would you recommend the novel? Why?

For this novel, I could find some similar characteristics between me and the main character. This has become a big memory point of this novel. For recommending this book, I would say that this novel it not that interesting for everyone to read, but it is a good book for people who are struggling with friendships.


You should have read three novels by now, which is your favorite, and why?

I have finished two books, and one I didn’t finish because I wasn’t interested in it. For now, I will say I like the book Everything I Know About You. First, the one didn’t finish was kind of confuse, and it didn’t give any interest after reading half of the book, and the second one was not that interest than, also second one didn’t have parts that are similar to me.