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What are you thinking about doing?

I’m thinking about cooking all kinds of meat, and some vegetables to keep healthy.

What are some ideas/inspirations/tutorials that will help you?

I’ll do some research on google to be certain of what I need, and watch some tutorial videos on youtube.

What are you thinking of

I am thinking about doing the fish tofu, because I have ate this thing before and it taste really really good, so that is why, also, I am planning to do a meat, with a mix of lettuce  because that is a good healthy diet with vegetables and meat.

Materials needed

I need a BBQ stand, a bag of food, such as fish tofu, potato, meat, and some vegetables. Also, I will need some fire and a stuff to mix, I also need some mantou, sauce and scissors. Also utensils. Some meat of pork and cow. Also chicken breast and chicken leg. For vegetables I will use lettuce and some broccoli, tomato, carrot, cucumber, onion, and lot’s more.

#oneday grade 7

1, cut the meat and make sure to wash it
2, use some soy sauce, garlic, and onion to blend the meat
3, Then, use a stick and put the meat on it
4, Open the stove and burn it
5, Put on some BBQ sauce
 How to 腌制 the meat
Cooking wine, eggs, ginger, pepper, sugar, thirteen incense, soy sauce, seasoning oil, curry powder, cooked peanut oil, salt.
1. First cut the meat (beef and mutton) into thin slices or small pieces, then pour it into a basin, add 3-5 slices of ginger, then pour in a few eggs, as well as some onion segments, as shown in the picture above.
Adding proper amount of salt, pepper, sugar, thirteen incense, soy sauce (less if you like the lighter color), seasoning oil (cooked oil cooked with several spices), and cumin powder (necessary for roast meat), the effect of deodorizing and aroma-enhancing is particularly good, with Xinjiang flavor.
3. Another spoonful of oyster oil to freshen up, and another spoonful of curry powder (beef and mutton must be put, pork can be put away), cooking wine is absolutely essential for marinated barbecue, a little more does not matter.
4. After all kinds of condiments have been placed, mix them evenly with chopsticks, then pour 1 spoon of cooked oil (fried peanut oil is the most fragrant), seal the barbecue with it, and then put it aside to marinate for 2-3 hours.
1. After several condiments are placed, the cooked oil is used to seal the surface, which can not only keep the meat fresh and tender, but also prevent the growth of various bacteria. The effect is much better than that of using fresh-keeping film directly.
2. Curry powder is especially suitable for curing beef and mutton. If you haven’t tried it before, you can rest assured that you used it once. This is what the chef of the hotel told Xiaobian. The cured meat is very fragrant.
Second recipe
After cleaning the mutton, cut it into small pieces, about 3 centimeters long and 2 centimeters wide. Don’t cut it too big. It’s hard to cook mutton kebabs. Put mutton kebabs in a larger pot and mix eggs (whole raw) with a proper amount of cooking wine, starch and soy sauce evenly. After the mutton string is colored and mixed, add proper amount of spicy noodles, salt, chicken essence and cumin noodles to blend. Finally, sprinkle with a few drops of fragrant oil, and put it aside to marinate for 30-50 minutes. If you can thoroughly understand these steps, then you make the kebab is absolutely delicious, and each time you are afraid of not eating enough, go and try it!
My own recipe:
Add soy sauce, vinegar, put salt, chicken essence, cumin and lastly put some fragrant oil. Do not put too much, Lastly, put these things in a bowl, and then put it aside to marinate for 30-50 minuets with a plastic seal on top. Afterwards, it’s done marinating.
What did do well?
I think I did well on marinating the meat. It actually taste pretty good after all, I really liked it.
What did you learn?
I learned that you don’t actually need the flame, you only need the heat from the fire, or else the meat will be burned.
What challenges did you face and how did you overcome them?
We couldn’t light up the fire at first because the coal was too big so it’s really hard to start fire. Then, the teacher helped us break them apart, and it worked.
Why is OneDay important?
OneDay is important because it allows to try new things, and experience things out of the classroom. It also made our learning a lot more fun.

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