The Night Diary by Veera Hiranandani

The Night Diary starts in July 14th, 1947, Nisha the main character of the book and the narrator of the diary. Nisha and her family (her father, her brother, her grandfather, and her grandmother) lived in India, and was forced to move away because of India’s independence from Britain. Nisha’s grandfather is the head doctor of a hospital and thus they have a pretty decent house given by the government. Their house is located slightly out of the main town area, demonstrates by saying that “they walk closer and closer to town…” (p.18 Hiranandani). The house contains a bungalow, some chicken coops which means they raise their own chickens, and a garden with flower and planted vegetable. Moreover, there is a groundskeeper which indicates that it must be a very large house that needs someone to look after the possessions.  In that period of time, people discriminate between genders and social status, proved by narrating that: “the Government School for Boys and the Government School for girls…” (p18 Hiranandani). In addition, there were also an internal religious war happening in India among Hindu, Sikhs, and Muslim.  Since Nisha and her brother are Hindus, they were often bullied by people in other religion, sometimes they were chased, and sometimes they were hit by rocks in the head (p.18 Hiranandani). Although, it is rare for two people from different religion to get marry and give birth to children, however, in fact, Nisha’s mom is Muslim, and her father is Hindus. “Nobody mentions that fact that mother is Muslim, it almost seems like everyone forgot about it.” (p. 20) This is so far where the diary takes place, I believe that they will discuss more about the settings and surroundings after they moved to wherever they are going to.


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