Democracy or Communism?

Nichol├ís Carabajal was Fidel Castro’s companion for a long time since they were small. He was eager to be a revolutionary and fight for liberty until he lost the last bit of hope he had in Castro…

The revolution did not have a good outcome. For several years, Batista ruled over Cuba. Killing any innocent people who was opposed him, expelling elections which he thought was “unnecessary”. This political turmoil irritated Fidel Castro and started his rebellion path. Meanwhile, there were other liberal and democratic groups exhibiting discontent, many strikes took place. After the revolution, I realized no one is able to resist the lure of power. Slowly, Castro have became exactly like Batista and things didn’t change much. He began to execute people who were against revolution, censoring newspaper and cancelling election. Besides that he also established powerful education program and medical service, but does that make him a good leader? Essentially not I believe. What he have done didn’t have much differences to Batista, it only tied Cuba with more chains.

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