8-Days Cycle Reflection 1

What questions do you want to ask of the text?

How does jazz relates to physics? or How does music get to do with the structure of the universe?

How does the text connect to you on a personal level? How does it relate to your life?

The text very much relates to me personally, because I’m a big fan of jazz and a music student outside of school. Since the text is introducing how there are a link between jazz and physics, it intrigues me a lot and it has been interesting for me to read.

What prediction can you make about the rest of the novel?

So far, the text only introduced how and why the author get in touch with the fields of jazz and physics. I believe later on in the text, the author will go much in depth explaining about the jazz of physics.

What has the novel made you realize, either about the text or yourself?

When I first saw the title of the book, I am really curious about how physics and jazz have a relationship with each other. The text haven’t answer my question yet, but it is slowly revealing it.

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