Thalassophobia – Final Product

My model is a representation of the ocean in the eyes of people who have thalassophobia, which is the fear of deep large bodies of water. In fact, I personally have very slight thalassophobia while also LOVES the ocean. Because I think the ocean is full of mystery and unknown, though that’s what makes it beautiful and attractive to me. My intention of designing and making this model is to artistically show an interesting and abstract piece of work addressing thalassophobia, which can leave the viewers to wonder and use their imagination to finalize and make my work into their own version. Looking at my model, the body of water is made out of resin which is purposed to recreate a realistic ocean scene. The resin is shaped roundly in a circle, as we know circle doesn’t have a start nor an end, meaning that people with thalassophobia think the ocean is endless in terms of depth or size, or we can say they can never escape their fear. Moreover, the resin is able to mimic the ocean’s clearness, so when the viewer looks from the side, they can see parts of the skeletons. This enhances the 3D visual effect of this model, since when you look at it from different angles, it presents different scenes and feelings. In addition, there are a lot of air streams in the body of water, because I don’t want the ocean to look too calm which can weaken the feeling of danger. Besides that reason, the air bubbles can also suggest that there are more mysterious creatures and monsters deep down the ocean, while this requires the viewer to use their imagination to fill up the trails of mystery this model displays. Furthermore, there are skulls floating on the body of ocean, and debris of skeletons immersed in it. These choices indicate the person with thalassophobia imagines the ocean is full of deathly danger, so I concretized the person’s imagination and amplified the scale of skeletons to recreate the level of scariness. This was inspired from my mood board which is full of thalassophobia drawing artworks, in which there are primarily monsters or demons deep down in the ocean. However, I chose to make these horrifying objects more noticeable because I want the effect of exaggeration so it can deliver the sense of fear very straightforwardly to the viewers. Also, the comparison in the skeletons’ size and the person’s size portray a feeling of unreal and illusion. The person standing on a piece of floating wood is in a hurry to run from the danger coming from behind, creating an oppressive feeling. The fact that the person isn’t looking directly at all of the skeletons is implying that those things are imagined, not realistic. Again, I intended to realistically illustrate abstract and imaginative concepts, and this tiny detail can help me to portray how this is a huge illusion inside the person’s head. Additionally, the primary color – dark blue also be associated with imagination and mystery, subconsciously affecting what the viewers might perceive.

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