Eclipse, Stephenie Meyer

Recently in the book, the story has been elaborating on the relationship between Jacob the werewolf and Edward the vampire and the connection they both have on Bella, the girl they both love, through lots and lots of dialogue between these three characters.


The book I would like to analyze is Twilight which is the first novel of the series and introduces all of the main characters in a story format.






Diagnostic Reflection blog

I think I used my time well during this writing task and I think I can do a bit better by planning for a while before starting to write to clear up my thoughts on what I am going to write and plan what I am going to write. I struggled with coming up with new ideas for each paragraph and also arranging the topics so that they would make the most sense. Next time we do a timed diagnostic analysis, I would make sure to study all the literary techniques thoroughly and make sure I understand each one.

Eclipse, Stephenie Meyer, pg. 402, 2nd March 2021

Since the last blog post I did, a lot has happened. A vampire has invaded Bella’s house secretively and Edward discovered that it was the mate of the vampire he killed in the first book (Twilight). After invading Bella’s house, the vampire moves the Seattle which is a close city to Forks. There, she makes new vampires and causes chaos to form in Seattle as newborn vampires are significantly stronger than normal vampires. There is still the problem that the Volturi is hunting them down and Bella still wants to become a vampire and get married to Edward. The vampire in Seattle uses the newborns to signal her hatred of Edward and his vampire family. Recently, the werewolves have shown up to help but the reason is unclear.

The Circular Economy Introduction

Circular Economy Diagram.jpg

What idea in the circular economy resonated with you?

The idea of keeping products and materials in use resonated with me the most because I like the idea of reusing something that is broken and can easily be repaired due to its certain design.

How has today’s lesson on the CE changed your mind or understanding about something?

Today’s lesson on the circular economy has changed my mind about the developing and planning stages of the design cycle due to the new aspects of design that are a part of the circular economy. It has many benefits due to the course it takes on waste and reusing products to benefit the environment. Producing a design that considers these aspects will be a good design and product that can benefit people and the environment.

Why is the CE being taught in this subject? What impact will it have on your learning?

I believe the circular economy is being taught in this subject because it relates to design work and it shows me some of the important aspects of planning a design such as improving the environment and being easily reusable. I think it will change the way I design, think, and plan because I used to only have a bit of knowledge based on helping the environment and economy based on design and now I know more about it.

Eclipse, Stephenie Meyer, Feb 1st 2021, pg. 206

It’s been a long time since I last updated this reading blog so there’s a lot to talk about. The werewolves and the vampires have a treaty where if a vampire harms a human, then the werewolves will drive them out of Forks, the town where they live. What the werewolves do not know is that the vampires can easily shred them to pieces in Bella’s opinion. Jacob Black, a werewolf is really into Bella which is a problem for Edward the vampire (also Bella’s lover) since he believes that Jacob Black can be a dangerous creature but has yet to learn that he cannot be in control of Bella’s actions. Bella has been seeing Jacob a lot over the last few chapters and I can tell from the tone of Edward’s perspective that he is worried and concerned. I predict that Jacob will “steal” Bella from Edward and then the vampires will break the treaty, bringing on the war between monsters within the city.

Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer, pg 20, 6th Jan 2021

The ending of “New Moon”, the second book of the series, ends with Bella Swan asking Edward to become a vampire to prevent being hunted by the Volturi, the most powerful group of vampires in the world. “Eclipse” starts with Bella’s dad trying to convince Bella to talk to Jacob Black who has drifted away from her ever since he discovered he was a werewolf and has also become depressed and suffering from anxiety. Bella is convinced by her father’s words but only as long as she is allowed to see Edward again.

If I could choose one text to write my essay about now, I would pick “Twilight” by Stephenie Meyer, the first book of this series. I would pick this book because it is an introduction to Bella and Edward and their secret admiration for each other. There is a lot of character description involved in the story. I like the basic structure of the text and the climax leading to the main problem. My focus question would be “How does Bella and Edward’s love for each other effect both of their own lives?”. I think this is a good question because Bella is a human and Edward is a vampire so they will both have very different problems with loving each other.

Socratic Seminar Reflection on The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time indian

I feel that I did really well with building on other people’s thoughts and also contributing a certain number of times during the Socratic seminar. I think I interpreted some of the images well and gave other people new ideas for the images drawn by Junior throughout the first half of the story. I also think I spoke with good volume and made a somewhat effort of making eye contact with everybody in the group.

I think other people also built on other people’s ideas as well. Even though some people didn’t contribute to the discussion as much as me, they had more valuable thoughts that could provoke many more thoughts for other people. People in other groups often made eye contact with others while they were speaking.

I think I could’ve made several improvements that could have improved my overall performance. Some things I could do next time to improve my performance include making more eye contact with every member of the group, contribute with connections, and contribute with specific text references.

New Moon, Stephenie Meyers, Page 492, December 1st

Up to this point in the book, it is nearly approaching the end of the story. From where I left off in the last entry, Bella meets again with the Cullens after nearly dying from jumping off a cliff into raging currents. According to different parts of the story, Bella can feel Edward’s presence in her soul when she does something dangerous. She is addicted to Edward’s voice in her head and the feeling of his presence even when he is not actually there. Edward finds out that Bella jumped off a cliff and he thought that she must have died. He thought that his life was meaningless without Bella’s presence so he proceeds to commit suicide. Bella finds Edward and they finally reunite.

After this series of events, the only two characters that matter are Bella and Edward. All the characters that were mentioned earlier in the story are now irrelevant. As an intense ending to this episode in the series, I think either Edward or another vampire will turn Bella into a vampire.

How have I tested my prototype/ideas so far?

I have made a prototype to get a basic idea of what my design would look like and receive feedback from peers. I received feedback such as “You should make your house more colorful (Aesthetics)” and also “Your house should supply more privacy.” Because I received feedback from peers and self-reflected on my prototype, I improved some design ideas for my final design. I decided to reduce the number of windows and use different materials to create my shelter.

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