The Circular Economy Introduction

  1. I found A Circular Music Experience in the Keep Products and Materials in Use category the most interesting because they found a product used by the younger generations that can now be more sustainable and better for the environment while being able to provide upgrades  and promising good quality products overall.
  2. The different design ideas shown prove anything can be reused and become better for the planet. The CE cycle also taught me that you have to have well-thought out ideas that will function for a long period of time but will also help with the 3 principles or at least one of them.

3. The CE is being taught in CASE because we are learning about sustainable solutions that will impact our future’s in a positive way. It is also showing us that you don’t always have to have an amazing outside the box idea, you can use/remanufacture a regular product while also changing it’s effect it has on the planet.

Favorite Book So Far

I believe that my favorite book so far has been Love, Hate & Other Filters by Samira Ahmed, sadly I don’t have the book with me currently but I want to write my essay on this novel. This best-selling book shows us as the audience what it is like to be a Muslim girl living in America, Maya wants to follow her dream of becoming a director but life has other events planned for her. Throughout the book Maya has to face discrimination, cultural divides, Islamophobia and a few family matters along the way. Ahmed also includes Maya’s love life to show that not all hope is lost. I want to write about this book because it talks about important issues and shows the importance in believing in yourself and standing up for what is right.   


The Girl Who Lived By Christopher Greyson Book Review

In The Girl Who Lived, Greyson shows flashbacks of what Faith’s life used to be like; when she still had a father, sister, a best-friend and whom she considered to be a second mother to her. All of that changed 10years ago the day before Faith’s birthday. She has been locked up in so many different places because ‘it was for her own good’. No one believes what Faith says happened that night, The Girl Who Lived more like The Girl Who Lied. the worst part is that Faith can’t tell whats real or not anymore and it’s not as if her mother can help, she moved on with her new husband and selling Faith’s secrets to make money. As the ten year anniversary comes around Greyson shows the audience how PTSD can affect one’s mind along with writing unexpected twists and turns throughout the  novel. This has been one of my favorite Thriller- Suspense books i’ve read this year.

Padlet Portfolio  

Over the last few classes we have been finding information on MCC, ways to help them; either making products for them to sell or making products that the members could use. The idea that Hazel and I are focusing on currently is a water resistant wallet with the MCC logo on the sides. This is a great way to advertise for the club but also making a product that people can use on a day to day basis.

Reflection Of Books Read

The first book is called Private #1 Suspect by James Patterson and Maxine Paetro. The   second book is called The Girl I Used To Be by April Henry.  My favorite out of the two is The Girl I Used To Be by April Henry, I did enjoy reading James Patterson’s book because I am a fan of his writing but The Girl I Used To Be had a better story arc in my personal opinion. Henry’s writing style kept the storyline going in a creative flow keeping the mystery alive throughout the novel. I enjoyed reading this book because Henry gave us (the readers) misleading clues as to who the murderer was until the very end resulting in a massive plot twist. I personally love to read books like  The Girl I Used To Be because it makes you rethink clues or certain moments in the book where a character said something you didn’t fully understand at the time.

The Girl I Used To Be By April Henry Book Review#2

In the second half of this book Olivia learns more secrets about the people surrounding her and how this town’s troubles can be connected to the same year Terry and Naomi were killed.  Olivia teams up with her old friend Duncan to try and solve this small town mystery. They come up with ideas as to who might have been the killer and what motives they had but in the end they were completely wrong. One thing that I liked about this book is that April Henry took a character that seemed sweet and trustworthy and made them the killer, I like this when I’m reading murder mystery because it makes you reread some parts with that character to see if you notice anything, dialogue they used, people they spoke to or things they said that seemed normal but now have a deeper meaning. I would highly recommend this book to people who love reading books with major plot twists and suspense.

Shelter Project V3-Prototype Testing

How have you tested your prototype so far?

Before we started building this prototype I had a design idea that was very similar to my other designs and I hadn’t really thought of another way to make my model. Since then I have changed my ideas, now I have a staircase leading upstairs that is on the outside of the house, I changed this part of my design to make my design more space efficient. One way that I have tested my product is by making sure that my product can actually stand on it’s own. It can, this product is made of more durable material than my last models.  Another way I will test my model is when I add the roof onto the shelter, this will be a test to see if my shelter can hold a lot of weight. 

The Girl I Used To Be by April Henry Book Review #1

In this book we follow the life of Olivia Reinhart who used to be known as Ariel Benson. The reason for this named change is because when Olivia/Ariel was three her parents where murdered. For the longest time everyone believed that Olivia’s father (Terry) had killed her mother (Naomi). Until new evidence suggests that they were both victims. Olivia’s life had been saved, she had been taken to a Walmart a few hours away growing up to believe that her father was a killer. She moves back to her old town to clear his name running into a few familiar faces from her past. Olivia is my favorite character because she is complex and understands that not everything is as it seems. Throughout the novel we have learned more about the night of the murder and the reasoning behind the killings.

I can read 20-30 pages depending on how much time we are given but as I am nearing the end of the book I’m finding it very challenging to put the book down. I think that April  Henry is an amazing writer because she adds little details that are important later on in the book, I can’t wait to read more written by her after I have finished reading this book.

Making & Planning

In the photo below this was my original idea for my third stage of this project. Since we have started making this version of this project my ideas have changed a little. I still am focusing on elderly in poverty and homelessness but I have a new design for the roof of my shelter. There will still be solar panels on the roof but instead of having high ceilings, like I had planned, there will be stairs on the outside of the house that lead to the roof where a small family or a young couple can live. The roof will be at an angel and even though it will be a little smaller than the main floor, it will be a great place for a family who is just getting used to their new location. This will also be beneficial because studies have shown that elderly enjoy being around younger kids, plus the younger people can help around the house more. This is also a great way to save space as square-footage in Korea can be expensive in the urban areas so instead of having all this empty space we can fill it and provide homes to more people. 

Private #1 Suspect Finale Book Review

As I read the second half of the book we started to get a better understanding of the events and why they took place. One of the most shocking parts is when the main suspect is thrown in jail and was bailed out for $20million dollars. This was a twist because the readers were lead to believe that he was innocent. Later we find out the real suspect and the story makes more sense. I didn’t like how the story ended because the ending didn’t really relate to the book or give it any closure. It felt like a cliff-hanger but I don’t think there is a second book. I would defiantly recommend this book to others who enjoy reading murder mystery because the last ten chapters are very interesting and enjoyable to read.