January 6

Winter Break Blog

I read a book called “Martian” by Andy Weir which was a great book because I really liked the story and the futuristic yet realistic ideas of being stuck on Mars. If I had to choose a text to write an essay on right now it would be Martian because it is definitely one of my favorite books now and since I have just read it I still remember some details about the book. For the essay, I would write about why the essay ends where it does because Weir makes the decision to end the novel with Watney among his crewmembers on the Hermes. Watney’s personal life is left relatively open—it’s what he does on Mars that is most important for Weir.

December 2

Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children

December 1st

Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children

Page 206

Jacob may be born and raised in Florida, but by Chapter 3, he goes off to Cairnholm Island, searching for the mysterious children’s home of Miss Peregrine (he doesn’t know they’re peculiar yet). With weather more unpredictable than any mood swing, Cairnholm Island is practically a character of its own. Plus, with just one phone on the island and generators turning down at 10:00PM, long before Jacob finally moves back in time, it looks like we’re going back in time. These children all have some form of superpower that distinguishes them. Super strength. Invisibility. Bees shooting out of their mouths. Some are more practical than others. When Jacob arrives at this house he was told by people in this village that this house has been destroyed during World War 2 and he later discovered that this house has been in a repeated time loop

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March 15

Napoleon – Why He Was a Hero



No leader in the world is and was perfect, Napoleon too, but Napoleon is considered a hero because he has inherited a very troubled social and political situation in post-Revolutionary France and managed to completely turn it around within a year of coming to power. He implemented many progressive reforms in France and territories he conquered. He managed to do something no other French ruler, and definitely not the Revolutionary government, was able to do for a very long time. During his short rule, Napoleon changed Europe completely and utterly, and I think he changed it for the better which is why I labeled him as a Hero.

March 15

The Bloody Rebirth of France

The execution of King Louis XVI, 1793

Just before the French Revolution, the economic situation was so bad that a loaf of bread would cost a peasant a week’s worth of wages! The poor population of France was starving to death while the nobility continued to live a life of luxury. These atrocities snowballed into the French Revolution. The French revolution was one of the most bloody revolutions that ever happened, thousands of lives were taken away by the guillotine including the King and Queen of France. This short video will explain some of the key details and events of the french revolution. Enjoy!


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February 5

Video Diary Russian Revolution

Over the period of the Russian revolution, the character Alexander lived in extreme poverty. Spurred on by the mistreatment of him and his family. After the first revolution till the end, he was a huge supporter of this movement. His situation stayed about the same throughout most of the revolution and he always fought for his side even during the civil war. Now after the death of Lenin, he does not know what to expect from the Stalinization of the economy and hopes for the best.  

I do not have a very strong opinion either direction for the Russian revolution. There were both pros and cons to it. Many people were killed but it birthed a new ideology and brought society forward. But it also led to the rule of Stalin and the killing and oppression of people. But he did industrialize a nation and created a nation that would last for the next half a century. 

December 16

“Legend” by Marie Lu Book Cover About Theme


The theme of Legend by Marie Lu is that nothing is as it seems. This is clearly shown in the relationship between June and Day throughout the story. At the beginning of the story, June pretends to be something and gets Day to trust her and then stabs him in the back. When She is first rescued by Day, she acts like she is a poor person even though she is one of the wealthiest people in the city. She was on a mission to track down her brother’s killer, she coincidentally is also day. At the time she doesn’t know who he is. She believes that he is just a normal guy and when she finds out she is horrified. She was made to believe that Day was a horrible monster, but in the end, he turned out to be a kind guy. Day, on the other hand, thought that June was just a normal person and could believe that she was a government agent in the end.  This is just one example of this theme in this book. The secondary story of the book is the plague that ravages the slums of the city. It turns out that the government had used the plague as an experiment and then sends the plague to the ongoing war front. This secondary story is the embodiment of this theme. The government over the last few decades had made people believe things that ended up just to be a lie. They figured this out when Day’s brother is taken by the government and Day tries to find out more. He figures out that this little brother is being experimented on to see what the new plague does and how it spreads. He does this with the help of June. This theme is also shown in a quote from one of June’s chapters. She states “hat if Commander Jameson took them out to hide something from me? No, no. I sit back and stare at the first photo again. Why would Commander Jameson want to hide the details of my brother’s murder from me?” This quote shows that June wants to believe something that isn’t actually true. In the end of the booThe book makes you want to investigate things further and not take people’s words at face value. This is something that the main characters know and investigate everything and the betrayals in their past encourage their inquisitive nature.  

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November 29

Do the Boxers Deserve a Bad Rap?

To me, the boxers don’t deserve a bad rap because if you think about it, these foreigners are stealing land from china and the boxers lose their own culture through this. If your house was split in half and the owner of the other half completely redesigned the house to a way that you hate, would you go on with it or try to change it back? In this much bigger case, the boxers chose to fight back their land and their culture. They did this by destroying a lot of foreign legations and killing foreigners and Chinese Christians. These boxers weren’t doing this just for fun so they definitely don’t deserve being called having a bad rap because they did this to save their culture. There were many causes for the boxer rebellion but one of the important ones that I have marked on the map is the churches. People in Shandong believed that the churches were way too high and it blocked the winds from blowing clouds and rain onto their land. This triggered the farmers because they needed water to plant crops and it just wasn’t coming. So the boxer rebellion begins, they went to churches and just started killing people and destroying them. Although this theory for the boxers wasn’t exactly correct, they still hated the foreigners building these tall buildings in their city. At the time in Shandong, the German actually tried to take a part of their land to spread their religion by building these churches there. They sent missionaries to try to convert Chinese people into believing their religion and in the end, most of the Chinese all did the same. They fought back to get the land back. The boxers tried their best to fight it back but they just weren’t strong enough to defeat the foreigners. The foreigners had higher technology in weapons and overall more prepared for war which is why in the end only a couple thousand foreigners died but about 100,000 Chinese people died. To conclude, I feel like the boxers don’t deserve a bad reputation simply it wasn’t their fault that they raged at the foreigner. These foreigners’ acts were pointing towards racism to the Chinese culture.

November 13

MSND Magazine Cover

My Magazine cover is about Theseus so I chose a brave and strong man for my picture. I chose Strict and Brave as two of the traits about Theseus and the quotations from line 17-18 says how brave he is to kidnap a woman from another place and forced her to marry him. He’s also very strict because he has strict orders for his people, for example, he told Hermia that if she doesn’t obey her father then she will either be executed or live a single life forever. For the character opinion, I chose Hippolyta because her opinion about Theseus is special because she has been kidnapped and forced to marry him but she does not have another living choice. Although there aren’t any lines that clearly state that she hates him just imagine if you were kidnapped would you be happ

November 11

Robotics and Coding Reflection

What was the most difficult aspect of this project?

The most difficult aspect of this project was dealing with the issues that just keep on appearing every time I fix the old problem. For example, our servo was not strong enough to lift up the head for some reason so we added another servo which we thought would solve the problem but we put it on the other direction which meant the coding also had to be the opposite which made it very difficult to figure out.

What was the most enjoyable aspect of this project?

The most enjoyable aspect was when our plan was actually doable, our group got really excited when we thought of it. Out plan was drawn on a piece of paper and it was thoroughly drawn to the point where we couldn’t really see what we even drew, but it was a very cool and creative idea by us.

What did you do well?

I did well on the planning part although some ideas were impossible to actually do so it had to be changed but once it was changed it got more and more exciting to see our robot succeed. For example, the hook on the servo to lift the head was thrown away because the paper clip just wasn’t strong enough to hold the head open, so we decided to use sticks to lift up the head

What would you do differently next time?

Next time I would do a small difference in time management because I didn’t really worry about the time we had to complete the project so we took it slow and wasted a bit of time until the last few classes we started to realize were really behind and had to rush which also caused a little problem to the robot when it was presented.

What did you learn about physically building a robot?

I learned that simple robots are much harder than it looks because problems will keep on popping out and it will ruin your day when it took a long time to do. Our robot took a few classes just to design and when we finished the design it had many flaws that would eventually be seen in our actual robot when we were assembling it.

What did you learn about programming the robot?

Programming looks sophisticated but when you get used to it, you can do things you didn’t even know a simple program could have done. Especially block coding, which is the type we used, it is a much easier way to code because they pretty much have already written the code for you and made it into blocks so it would be clearer and easier for beginners.

What more would you like to learn about the building and/or programming of these robots?

I would like to try different methods of programming like instead of using blocks we can maybe use codes to code our robot, it should have been a choice for people that wanted to challenge themselves. I would also like to try building robots that can be used without a computer connected to it and that it can work alone so that the preparation time to start the robot is much quicker and efficient.

What advice would you give a student who is at the beginning of this unit?

For students that are learning this unit next semester, I would tell them to plan way ahead and use the time when it’s given because you’ll want more and more time later throughout the course of this unit. Time management is so important that you might not even finish your robot because our robot was only fully assembled like 2 classes before the petting zoo which made us panic



November 6

Poem about “Wonder” By RJ Palacio

“Wonder” By RJ Palacio


I am kindhearted

but deserted.

With a smile that is hideous,

I can’t help but be curious

If I was normal, what would I be?

Maybe the astronaut in my dreams.

I am fragile and very weak,

Because everywhere I go, I get called a freak.

I was only born with facial deformities,

The rest of me is as normal as it could be.

My favorite time is Halloween,

Because I get to cover my face so it can’t be seen,

 Well, I guess not this year,

After my best friend Jack left me in tears.

I feel bad for my good friend Jack,

Being my friend meant he can’t go back,

To the life he made,

And his best mates were taken away.

It’s time for the nature retreat,

Where I get cruelly beat.

They call me an alien, or Gollum,

Just like when school started in Autumn.

But something unusual happened,

I wasn’t abandoned.

In fact, three other kids came,

And told them my real name.


This poem was written to describe the character August Pullman (Auggie) in the book “Wonder” By RJ Palacio.

This poem starts out pretty depressing and it eventually gets to a better mood, Auggie is his nickname and he is a smart kid that looks very weird and he gets made fun of that. He doesn’t like to be like this and he constantly thinks the person he wants to be, an astronaut. He knows that he is different and he knows he’s just like other kids on the inside, for example, “And I feel ordinary. Inside. But I know ordinary kids don’t make other ordinary kids run away screaming in playgrounds. I know ordinary kids don’t get stared at wherever they go.” (Page 1). This quote tells people that he is just as ordinary as any other person on the planet inside, but he gets judged by his appearances outside. Auggie really likes Halloween because his costume covers his face so this is a day he’s happy in school, but he overheard his best friend Jack saying to his friends that he’s only friends with Auggie because the teacher told him to be. That ruined his whole day and left him in tears again.

That’s the rising action, in the climax what happened was students went on a trip and during the trip, Auggie and Jack went outside to pee because the line for the bathroom was too long. While they were out there some 7th graders from a different school came and saw Auggie. They called him Gollum or Alien. which made him kind of scared because they were pretty big and he wasn’t able to fight them off. Luckily three other kids came and helped him fight them off. Although Auggie lost his hearing aids, he was amazed that his classmates actually helped him, and he was finally accepted by his classmates. This made him feel very emotional. Auggie thinks way too much about how other people care about him “”Funny how sometimes you worry a lot about something and it turns out to be nothing.” (Page 215). This quote really marks a transition of the character from being disliked and judged to being accepted as a normal person in school because he realizes that he thinks way too much about his hearing aids and people actually care about how he hears now. People no longer negatively react to what Auggie looks like when they walk past. So far Auggie develops from a child that is scared and hates his appearance to being proud he worrys less about his appearance.

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