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Feb 23

Over the holiday, I finished the novel Night by Elie Wiesel. The book is realistic yet dreadful, the plots are dramatic, and therefore I am planning to write my literary essay based on this book. Its author, Elie Wiesel, had directly experienced life in the concentration camp, which means the author’s belief is sharp and clear.

The book Night has more significant impacts on me than The New York Trilogy by Paul Auster, and these are the two books I have read so far over the course.

Feb 23

  1. The idea of making linear to a circular economy resonates myself. A circular economy is, as its title suggests, a cycle of building a healthy environment. Unlike a linear economy, a circular economy have no starting point. Every stage in the circular economy closely cooperate to each other, and the system will stay perfected as long as each stage is perfected.
  2. Today’s lesson extended my understanding of designing a product. The circular economy system brings a wider thoughts and perspectives into our design so that we think not only about our target audience, but the world we live in together. It might seems to be a big topic, which it definitely is; but with all the solutions we figure out it will, at the end, make a big difference.
  3. I would like to think CASE as not only about bringing interest to the beneficiaries, but to select a wider range of beneficiaries and consider their needs. It’s a way of thinking on how all things we make are meant to be benefit to the future.
Jan 26
Nov 13

The book New York Trilogy is exciting. The book specifically described how people behave in the crowded city – New York. I’m currently at 120 pages, but I had given up reading it. The reasons are the following: The plot and storyline in this book move slowly. I’m currently halfway done with the book as in pages but still stuck right initially, as in the storyline. The description in dialogue and setting is more than too much, which made the book wordy. Some of the unnecessary, inappropriate languages and illustrations in the book also made me feel uncomfortable while reading. I am planning to throw this book away and get a new book. I made my decision, and my new book is going to be Night by Elie WieselI am looking forward to reading it. 


New York Trilogy is a bit rubbish. 

Nov 11

I tested my window and reflected on the result. the window was originally for client to access a daily routine by looking at a representation of hope – sunlight. I tested it out by simulating a sunlight environment using flash-lights, it went not as well as I expected so I modulated my window size bring it closer to my user-story concept. It is now meeting beyond my expectation.

Nov 11

I am currently building my project and I am pretty sure that I can finish it before presentation.

Oct 20

The book The New York Trilogy by Paul Austrad revealed a sad story of Quinn. It is an exciting book with a variety of ideas of sentence and body structures. A few dramatic moments appeared in this book. I’m very impressed by the swift progress by far and interested in the plots that will occur next. 

I want to ask the text more in-depth about the “relationship” between Quinn and his pen name, William Wilson. Paul Austrad described Quinn and William Wilson as two different people though they were the same. I’m inquisitive on why exactly did the author write it as two characters. 

Quinn wanted to escape from reality in the book and achieved it by walking in New York City. It made me realized that the time being wasted will disappear forever. I realized that there are numerous things we can do instead of just wasting it. 

I think the story in the future is going to be switching between Quinn’s and William Wilson’s life in New York. 

Overall The New York Trilogy is a fantastic book. It is not an extremely difficult book, and I would like to continue reading. 

Oct 16

1. My topic I’m currently researching on goes under an enduring issue on natural disaster, mostly typhoon. By learning geography, I will be able understand the fundamental concept on how environment can effect human which will be a big part of my solution to my problem.


2. It really effects on my solution of my compelling question. I might consider more on how natural disaster will influence on human, as well as how human may influence on human.

Sep 30

Sep 28

I developed my ideas, and the next time during planning as well as the actually building, in oder to make it better, I have to consider more on the coloring and small decorations on my shelter.