Book reflection-1984

The book 1984 by George Orwell is essentially about the main character, Winston smith where he is a low ranking member of the ruling party in London. He is constantly being watched everywhere even through the screen of a television by the big brothers. The party are the controllers of Oceana even controlling the history and language. I believe one of the important theme through out this book is physical manipulation as the book constantly reminds the protagonist, “BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING YOU”. I really enjoyed reading this book because it introduces a variety of topics throughout the book using similes and metaphors.

Book reflection 2- Feb 3

Out of all the books I’ve read this year, the book that stands out to me the most is “Daughters unto the Devils” by Amy Lukavics. I would choose to write on this because I like the interesting story plot and the final twist at the end. I also like how the character progresses throughout the whole story.

Book reflection- Feb 3

The book that I am reading currently is “See You In The Cosmos” by Jack Cheng. This book is mainly about a boy called Alex Petroski who loves space. Alex, records a series of audio recordings in his golden iPod and wants to launch it to space so that other lifeforms could see what it is like on earth. The author describes the main character Alex, as a boy who is full of curiosity and a fairly optimistic innocent boy, who has a family that was always there to support him. Through the recordings he made throughout his journey, it presents to the reader his fear and passion, which is the part I find most striking and entertaining to read.

Daughters Unto Devils

The book “Daughters Unto Devils”, by Amy Lukavics is about Amanda Verner and her family moving to the mountain cabin off with a fresh start. The book starts off with a conflict where Amanda accidentally got pregnant with a postboy back where they lived before. the reader wondering what will happen next and how she is going to resolve the problem. The multiple conflicts going on in this book builds suspense and mystery. For example, Amanda has a little sister who is blind but in the middle of the book she suddenly dies. This makes me want to find out why this happened. I also like how at the end the truth gets revealed, which is where a plot twist occurs.

Book reflection-2020

The book that I read last semester is Daughters Unto Devils by Amy Lukavics. I personally enjoyed reading this book however this is the only book I read last semester. This book is a realistic fiction which is one of my favorite genre to read. The main character, Amanda decides to have a fresh start with her family in the mountains because of “that winter”. Reading this book, the author kept on talking about “that winter” but never introduced it to the reader until the very end of the book. This makes me, the reader eager to find out what happened in “that winter” and why the author kept on highlighting that event. This is one of the reason why I enjoyed reading this book.

Pre-Production: Beat sheet

Last class me and my group members worked on writing deliverable group and personal. We also contacted the backstage staff before hand to ask for permission for using the backstage. This class me and Sophie will be finalizing the plot and we will be adding on our final ideas on to the beat sheet.

Daughters unto Devils (book 1)

Quarter one reflection for book one

The title of the book is inferring to me that the book is mostly about a girl and the devils. The genre for my book would be horror,  but also partly realistic fiction. After reading the first four chapters of the book, Daughters unto Devils by Amy Lukavics. I have discovered that the main character Amanda Verner is a girl that cares a lot about what god thinks of her. She thinks that the things she’s doing is betraying the lord and it would result in the lord’s profound disappointment. Throughout those four chapters, my favorite character is Emily which is Amanda’s closest friend. Instead of her parents, Emily is  always the person that is caring for Amanda.

Amelia’s Journal about the French Revolution

I personally feel like the French Revolution was worth it. Even though the revolutionaries could have not killed thousands of peasants and innocents during the Reign of Terror. But I personally think that the Reign of Terror was a huge turning point in the French Revolution and it did a remarkable change in the French history.

The Revolution that Changed France

This video is created by me and Angeluna.  Some people may ask why we are studying a revolution that happened 230 years ago. Well, this  revolution was what changed France completely and is almost known by everyone. However, not everyone knows what actually happened during this period of time.  In six minutes, this video will reveal the reasons of the revolution and explain the main events that happened during that time. After all, do you think all of this is worth it?

Robespierre: Hero or Villian?

In my own opinion I feel like Robespierre is in between Hero and Villain.  He has done things villains would do for example he was known for his role in the Reign of Terror and he was in charged of many people’s lives.  but at the same time he also did some kind things a hero would do for example he fought for liberty and freedom for many people in the beginning of this revolution. So, at last I feel like he is a person that is in the middle between being a villain or a hero. In July 1794 he was finally executed and this meant that the Reign of Terror would be gone forever and the government policies would  most likely to be changed.

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