English book reflection “Murder on the Orient Express” written by Agatha Christie- Mie Ko

This book is a mystery about a man killed on a train and a detective is on the train too. It is a story about how the detective found the murderer and uncovers secrets about the man killed. This story experiences multi-perspective and perfect lies.  The author slowly leads us through the story through background information and details about the crime scene. In the end, I was shocked by who the murderer was and the reason for them committing the crime. I really like this story because it shows that mistakes cannot be erased throughout time and revenge would be taken place. This book presents a mysterious atmosphere where people question each other and everyone bears a secret unknown. The author shows how the detective step by step uncovers the truth and how the people defend themselves. I really like how smooth the story went and the rhythm of the sections. There are many amazing twists and background information about each character. Agatha Christie understands how to keep the reader hooked up until the very end.

Inspiration photographer- Mie Ko

The name of the artist I have chosen is Gordan Magnin. The photographer usually uses collage in his photos, he focuses on one person and uses sections of his photograph to arrange them in different ways using multiple shapes. A similar technique he uses is that all of his pictures are black and white. He uses different shapes and puts them together in a type of pattern on the character’s face. He explores their small emotions and facial expressions by zooming some parts in. The shapes he uses are all different types. The techniques he uses are all from photoshop after he took the picture but he really captures the expressions and feelings the person has.

I chose him because I feel his photographs have depth and meaning created within. He really creates an atmosphere filled with emotions. Magnin really captures detailed feelings and can enlarge them by using the element of collage. The images inspire me by really focusing on the person in the photograph and showing his identity. There are no other objects in his photograph and the pictures just make the audience only focus on the character and no other element. Magnin uses photoshop to make the pictures creative and imaginative at the same time it expresses the meaning of personality. Another reason why I chose this photographer is that he can perform the message I am trying to show which is split personality and teenage depression.

Statement of intent

The title of this project is “collage”. The societal issue I want to explore with my photographs is teenage depression and split personality. I want my audience to feel sympathy and calmness when looking at my photography. Their emotions should be complicated. Even though different people would have different interpretations about my photograph, but my main meaning that I am trying to express is to make the audience empathize with the social problem of teenage depression and split personality. By looking at my photography they can understand more about this societal issue and care more about them. I will get inspiration and develop my ideas by looking for photographs that include the element of collage and shows the identity of the character within.

English Book reflection on “Stephen King On writing: A Memoir of the Craft”-Mie

This book is an autobiography that Stephen King wrote about how did he become a writer and influencer. Each section of the book talks about one of his memories or happenings. It explains in detail his emotion and his surroundings. Stephen King’s family usually appears in his book and the reader can consume a moral from each part of the story. I like his writing style of recording his normal life and a journal-like tone. He uses a creative way of communicating with the audience through his words. This book contained information about the lifestyle of a writer and how they were created. His experiences and feelings that he had gone through are the same as what normal people would have also experienced, but he learned from his every interaction and extracted a meaning throughout. That is how Stephen King became a writer. Every small thing that seems plain in normal life can be a creative art in his point of view. Stephen King’s structure of this book is all based on a writer’s perspective which makes it seems more efficient and clear. You may experience unusual and unique points of view when reading this book.


Made with Padlet

The societal/cultural issue I would like to explore is teenage depression and split personality. It can also be linked with beauty sick. The photographer that I would be focusing on is Gordan Magnin. I feel like his style of photography is more similar to the social issue I am trying to present.


A particular photograph can be made to become a portrait when the intended character in the photo is distributed to show their personality by using different elements such as lighting. Selfies are portraits become they are taken by the person themselves and to perform a characteristic they wanted the audience to think they are. A portrait should include objects or characters to portray its idea. It needs to show the identity of the elements within. It should not include topics that are too complicated. A good portrait would need to include pieces for the audience to identify the personality and characteristics of the section within. It would need to be creative and include depth within that is surrounding the image. A portrait can consist of small details only if it can represent the character within. Also, the details should need to specify and or enlarge the feature of that certain object. Abstract photography is actually easy to become a portrait because it can present a more interesting and creative idea. With more visual shock the performance of behavior can be shown better. It is possible to represent a person photographically without them being present in the picture because the elements in the picture can be representative and symbolizing the characteristic of the person. The portrait doesn’t have to be a single photograph it can be a series of photos. Each photo can perform a different meaning and different personality. It can also present numerous parts or sections of identity.

Eye glasses assessment

The targeted audience for my eyeglasses is people that are artistic and fashionable. I would focus my customers on models, celebrities, or people that are just trendy and stylish. My design is more about its appearance so this is the reason why I focus my audience on the fashion side.

Made with Padlet


Something that inspires me to make my glasses is the pearls. I have a pearl necklace and I was just tending to draw it on my first draft. It turned out to be great.

I was mainly influenced by the channel sunglasses that Rihanna has worn because it was just so beautiful. It looks really glamorous and stylish.

Made with Padlet


These are some drawings/sketches that I have made for my glasses:

I had many different ideas for my glasses.

This is just my first idea for my glasses and I drew a rough sketch for it. This is one where I tried different shapes on the glasses and I just thought at this point that the one with circles is the best. This is a perspective drawing that I tried.

My preferred ideas are the round glasses and also adding the pearls in, at first I wanted to make the lens just round, but after thinking I wanted the lens to have 2 different sizes of circles to contain the pearls. It is also more fashionable if made in this way and better fits my user’s aesthetic.

I think my design concept would just be called “flower glasses” cause the shape of my glasses looks like flowers.

Then, using Illustrator, I drew a few drawings of my glasses for the prototypes.

Illustrator was pretty hard to control at first but after trying a few times I got the hang of it.

I would need to consider more about the material, colors, and shapes when making my glasses. Also, the calculations would need to be very precise if to be fitting. The most important step is to make it stylish and artistic in order to make my attended customers feel that this is what they wanted.

My first prototype was not made by the machines. I just cut the cardboards myself to make sure the shapes were what I wanted. (I didn’t take any pictures)

This is my second prototype

As we can see, the bridge of my eyeglasses was cut out for some reason and the glasses were too small. The arms of the glasses are also not suitable.

This is my third prototype, because my second one was still a bit smaller I made it a bit wider. The legs of the glasses were too long though.

This is my fourth prototype and it turned out to be just the way I wanted.

When choosing the material for my glasses, I had multiple choices. I could choose wood, acrylic, and recycled plastic.

In the end, I chose recycled plastic.

Made with Padlet

The mixture of color, texture, and feeling was all the correct type that I wanted. Also to promote anti-pollution, I chose recycled plastic.

The recycled plastic purple board really caught my attention, so I chose it to make my glasses.

All the other recycled plastic boards weren’t really what I wanted and this caught my eye when I looked at it.

I decided to make my glasses on this material, I used the file of my glasses from my last prototype to cut this recycled plastic.

It turned out to be good, but because this board has some spaces between the plastic and some parts weren’t smooth enough, the legs of my glasses broke in about 5 minutes I got it.

The pearls were ordered but didn’t come in time, I was thinking about putting them on the glasses when they arrived.

This is the final creation of my glasses with the pearls.

My final design is an effective response to my user because it is fashionable, stylish, and unique. It is also not boring and made out of a common shape. I think it is successful because it can be used as a normal eyeglass and has the function a normal eyeglass has. It also fits my customer’s aesthetics and is artistic.

Next time making glasses what I would like to do is to spend more time finding the material. I would not spend a lot of time calculating the width and length of the glasses because many of my prototypes were made because the size was not fitting. But I am pretty proud this time because the glasses turned out to look exactly the way I wanted them to look and the structure was well done. I like how the color worked out but next time using recycled plastic, I would want a more flattened board. My eyeglasses legs were broken apart very quickly because a part of the material was weak so what I would like to change is to have stronger or stiffer materials next time.

Triptych- Mie


I chose these pictures in this order because the one in the middle is black and white and the other two have colors so I feel like putting the black and white one in the middle would form a type of contrast of some sorts. These pictures are from two different sets and they all portray the same feeling. The formal element of pattern, tone, and angle was produces through these pictures. I favor them the most because they look like a set together and they also perform the idea that beauty can be found within everyday objects. The tone of the images makes me feel calm and smooth, it looks like photographs with meaning and depth inside. My inspirational photographer Albert renger-patzsch communicated the same concept through his photography. He influenced me deeply throughout my process of taking photos and I followed his footsteps when finding different perspectives. These images taken gives me a feeling that a story is buried underneath so it really connects my emotions together. Them forming together to become a set can portray numerous elements together. As we can see, the shapes and lines in these pictures are also creative and wild, but they smushed together forms a different feeling of relaxation. The mood in these pictures fit together so I think this is the main reason why they looked like one set even though one is from another set. These places and environments before might seem boring and uninteresting but when you look at them from a different perspective then you would find out their beauty. The atmosphere is created successfully when you focus on the objects. Just as my inspirational photographer Albert Renger-patzsch has said before, when you are in the right place at the right time, the objects will tell a story themselves.

Analysis of your chosen artist and their work Set 2- Mie

The photographer that inspires my work is Albert Renger-patzsch. He uses the formal element of focus, pattern, lines, tone, and lighting. Most of his work focuses on simplicity and bringing an object or element to life. He uses different angles to portray his thinking and can successfully link depth into his photograph. His photos are mainly black and white but I took photos that have color. I chose this photographer because his photos have numerous meanings and they give me a calm feeling. When I look at his images I feel relaxed. I like how he kind of zoom in into his objects which made them look more abstract. In this set, I would try to comprehend his idea of focus.

I chose this image in particular because it can show my understanding of my recent set. It has a formal element of focus. The beauty was shown within the object. What I find surprising about this photo is how it looked vibrant even if it is in black and white. This flower makes me feel that a story is buried behind and is waiting to blossom. The formal element of focus made the flower look clear in front and blurry at the back. It can make the audience concentrate on the front but also noticing the background because it feels mysterious. By looking at it as a whole, this image creates an atmosphere that is filled with unknown and cryptic. The focus is very important in this image because it gives it a message and creates depth. The focus helps the audience understand this image more. It also produces a simple and clear atmosphere for the flower. The focus helps this image create wholesomeness, and as we can see, the angle used by the photographer is straight forwards type. My artist’s photograph is abstract because he puts his own artistic skill into his photographs. It is essential to notice his style of making everyday objects interesting. I like his style of creating meanings for the images and making them feel artistic and creative. His images give the audience different feelings but generally, I feel smooth and peaceful when examining his photos. His usage of correct focus really inspires me so I would try to put this element into my recent set. I realized that with a correct focus, objects in a different environment and in different shapes can express numerous messages.

My vision is to take pictures with the main formal element of focus and try to create depth. I will take photos in the style of Albert Renger-patzsch, I am particularly inspired by his image of a flower and will try to take pictures that can be artistic and make everyday objects interesting.


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