Book Reflection – We are Okay

I would choose this book for the end of the year essay out of the other books I read so far because this book, We Are Okay by Nina Lacour has a theme of love and friendship, I feel that Lacour is trying to communicate with the readers that life is filled with love and warmth. This is a story teaches me that you should not be scared to love and find love, you should always have the courage to love and receive love. While reading this book, my feeling changes throughout the story, my emotion is carried by the book as the change of the character’s feeling.

Book Reflection – The Girl who Drank the Moon

The book, The Girl who Drank the Moon by Kelly Barnhill is about a witch named Xan who is kind, she rescues babies and delivers them to better families. One year, Xan made a mistake and accidentally fed an ordinary baby moonlight instead of starlight. So she decides to raise this baby who she named Luna by herself, on Luna’s 13th birthday her magic begins to emerge and start getting out of her control. What strikes me the most about the story so far is that Xan’s own magic is constantly flowing into Luna, it is leaving the old Witch increasingly drained and aged. I like how the author used lots of descriptive language and how she described the witch Xan wasn’t like the people in the Protectorate thought she was.


Independent Reading Reflection – Glass Sword

Glass Sword by Victoria Aveyard is the second novel in the Red Queen series, it is about where the main character; Mare Barrow lives in a dystopian future where society is split into red blood and silver blood, the silvers being the rich or royalty. Her identity is different from others, she is special. Mare Barrow is red blood, but her silver ability is causing her problem. Others see that as a dangerous weapon and others try to control her. During the journey, she faces many challenges and betrays. I really like this book because it is really hard to guess what’s going to happen next, it is really exciting to read.

Glass Sword – Reflection 1

The first few pages of Glass Sword, by Victoria Aveyard, start by giving a small description of the main protagonist; Mare Barrow. Tells a little of her identity and how she is different from everyone else. Her blood is red and how her Silver ability is putting herself endanger. The title; Glass Sword gives me a clue of what is going to happen in the story,  how it is going to be about wars and identity. On the first page, it says that she is covered in blood and that she is special no one else is like her. This shows that this book fits in the genre of fantasy. Up to now, my favorite character is the main protagonist; Mare Barrow. My favorite character is Mare Barrow because it says that her identity is special and this makes me interested and wanting to find out more about her.